Half Life 2 coming to a desktop near you



Fucking creepy.


totally freaky… I finally decided to register on this forum after months of posting anonymously! lol

in other news… I tried posting a fewminutes earlier… but the post died on me so I had to resubmit it…

oh yea, shacknews postes some more info about PCGamer and HL2


Wait… Maybe this is about a DIFFERENT game that has crowbars in it… Like Blood 2.

heh, not likely. It’s not likely that Blood 2 is known for a crowbar even more than Half-Life. Seriously, the crowbar in HL was probably the deadliest weapon in Freeman’s arsenal, that sucker got a good hundred hits per second if you held down the Fire button.
Just look at the visual style of the ad. A blank white background, with a single crowbar in the middle, at the exact angle Freeman holds it in the game, and it looks exactly like the crowbar in HL too. And which game with a crowbar has been hotly anticipated by many thousands of people for so many years? Really, take a guess… :wink:

m0ore Half Life 2 stuff:


the NDA is reportedly to be lifted APRIL 28th, so we shoul dbe hearing a LOT more soon!

Damn, I was just about to post a URL for that pic…

what language is that article in? I can’t read anything except a bit of French, and maybe 3 words in German.

Dutch, I presume? (.nl)

nl = Netherlands, so Dutch.

Translation here, courtesy of a FS reader.

Oh and check out this great cover for the magazine it came from.

I honestly won’t be surprised if this game gets released VERY soon. Fragmaster, from PlanetHL (http://www.planethalflife.com/) said that he was very surprised at the projected release date. And some guy on the PlanetHL forums said that he was searching around the IGN Gamestore, and found a link to preorder HL2 (http://gamestore.ign.com/product.asp?product_id=645118&affid=6500. The only thing wrong with that preorder page is the developer, which is listed as Vivendi Universal, and not Valve ERC.

I truly believe HL2 will be released in July. That article for the games mag with the HL2 cover clearly states that the NDA on HL2 will be lifted in exactly 6 days, 12 hours, 34 minutes North American Eastern time. I can’t wait :D :D :D

Goddam it. If it’s that soon I’ll probably have to upgrade my PC (or buy an Xbox if it’s Xbox exclusive). I just can’t spare that kind of money right now. :evil:

But the thought of not catching Half-Life 2 the moment it comes out is… well… unthoughtable.

However, I was assuming more along the lines of a Christmas release.

lol… unthoughtable… Sadly, that word being posted on a forum will probably be a highlight of my day today…

ahem Anyway, I also heard that last summer, Valve stated that in summer 2001, their in-house engine was capable of creating graphics that rivalled the summer 2002 Unreal engine build. I think that’s pretty damn cool.

Half-Life 2 shipping this year?

Muwahahahahaha. Ahem. Sorry.

It would be a definate change in marketing a big sequal if they announce the game with all sorts of previews, then ship it just a few months later.

“PC Gameplay recently visited Valve in Seattle and received an extensive demonstration of Half-Life 2. You will be able to read everything we saw of the successor to the game of the century in our 11 page special and we can tell you this much right now: it’s better than we could have anticipated in even our wildest dreams… Best of all, you’ll be able to put your hands on HL2 before the year is over!”


And a welcomed change at that. I’ve been hoping that’s exactly what Valve would do.

Don’t get so excited, folks.

Half-Life 2 is for the Game Boy Advance.

Half-Life: Vendetta is the PC/X-Box sequel. And it’s not due till 2004.