Half Life 2: Cookie Edition

Don’t look half bad, really.


Wait, where did he get that metal tin box for the Collector’s Edition? The only CE I saw was in a craptastic cardboard box!

Will I be able to eat this without the CD in the drive?

Yes, but you need an active internet connection to verify with Steam before you can digest it.

FUCK STEAM[ovens]!

Wow, these are delic–LOADING

Before Mark tries to eat any and complains about the taste, someone needs to remind him that they obviously weren’t baked for him.

We got pretty screwed in terms of US editions. The basic UK version came on DVD (which we had to pay $80 for in the US), and the UK collector’s edition came in a tin box, while the US got that flimsy cardboard.

Mark will base his opinion on the taste of the cookies solely on if he can resell the cookies or not. Dave Long will spread the rumor that there is poison in the cookies. Shift6 will be pissed that you cannot sell the frosted 2 seperately, because obviously it is a seperate treat from the cookie itself.


The cookies will probably cause me to overheat.

Chet will claim that eating the cookies in any fashion not allowed by the chef constitutes piracy, and that the bonus truffel it came with is actually part of the main cookie because a taste tester in “Desserts Weekly” said so.

Although, I guess a HL2 cookie edition gives new meaning to needing a “crack”. Heh.

Dang, I disabled cookies when I started my diet. I am sure not going to enable them just for this.

SONS OF THE BITCHES! That’s it. I’m deploying the Killdozer.

Wow, just like the game… shift6 will make up insane garbage having nothing to do with the cookies pictured, because not only has he not had the cookies, he refuses to learn anything about the cookies before making his wack ass comments.

Well done shift6, you mirrored your HL2 arguement beautifully.


Many people will just eat the cookies and get annoyed that there were so few of them.

In other news, I think this thread helped me solve my Christmas craft project for the kids. I’m gonna buy 'em a bag of cookies while I play some Half Life 2! :)

Nah, seriously. I think we’re going to make some ghetto Gingerbread man houses (Graham crackers and a can of chocolate icing for “mortar”).

I won’t give a shit about the cookies until I upgrade my intestines.

Motherfucking cookies blew up my monitor.

What about the tons of people who downloaded the recipie off the intarweb without paying for it, “just to try it” before hand, only to find out that they were banned from actually baking the cookies once they were in the oven?

Chet will question the competence of the consumer, at least as much as he can while speaking around Mrs. Field’s cock, while not really making any valid points and finally resorting to an appeal to authority, while claiming that if the baker says they are good cookies, you’ll eat the fucking cookies, bitch, or else you’re some kind of fucking mama’s boy pinko commie faggot!