Half Life 2: Cookie Edition

In other news, Mrs. Fields has a cock.

I wondered why those cookies were so damn salty.

She keeps in the yard with the hens.

(keep it going guys-- this could be bigger than the Old Lady from Nantucket)

And more people who have never tried the cookies, will tell the vast majority who have tried and liked the cookies, how much the cookies suck. And they will be unfunny while doing it.


So how did it work out with that job Valve promised you, Chet? Did they require a minimum of X posts defending Steam before you were in?

Who is defending steam? I am talking about cookies.

I think he’s intimating that you’re Valve’s batter bitch.

The real question is… what has the G-Man done with the missing parts of the cookies? Ominous…

Will digestion cause a resonance cascade?

Will opening the cookie bin cause it to crash on your desktop?

The cookie, while flawed in some ways, still ranks as one of the best I’ve ever eaten.

Really? While I thought the icing was nicely done and playing with the physics of cookie-crumbling was fun, they certainly weren’t the best I’d ever had.

Plus, I felt unsatisfied with the last bite, and no matter how many I ate, I never really felt like I was making progress through the overall batch of cookies.