Half-Life 2 distribution

Wonder just what will been available for multiplayer for $10 a month? Better not be generic deathmatch and CTF. There better be some sort of Team Fortress. I don’t care if its just TFC with updated graphics, I better see something…

Why $120? You pay $9.99 a month until you pay the full price of the boxed SP+MP+MODs edition. After that, no more expenses.

Heck, if it’s only the single player for $10/month, that’s fine by me, since there’s no $50 up front (unlike your typical MMO).

If I am paying $10 a month, are they paying for the servers and going to do something about the cheaters?

There’s some question as to the authenticity to the email. I woulda thought Valve would seek to release the information as a press release or other kind of widely read note since it’s so different, rather than blab it to the first fan who asks. Course I could be wrong.

— Alan

Where are you getting that from?

The latest update from Gabe (apparently), via gnsproject through VE3D, is that a no-mp box version of HL2 can be upgraded to a full version via steam for about the same price differential.

Well, there’s the regular priced version that has the regular features of MODs and multiplayer.

Then there’s the less expensive version without those.

I’m missing the greed part.

For people who buy the less expensive version, they can always upgrade to MOD and multiplayer using Steam. The price difference will be about the difference there was between the two versions.

The theory is that it helps out retailers like Walmart who have very broad reach into customer bases that don’t care about multiplayer and who are very price conscious. Rather than having to wait a year for the product price to come down, there’s a special version for them on day one


Yeah, but if you read between the lines, it doesn’t sound like Gabe is talking about a game that has its distribution model set in stone yet. Count me in with Stefan as someone who thinks this doesn’t sound like a game we’ll be playing by the end of this month.


Sounds like the game might not be that good… prolly like Daikatana.


Even if it’s not good, it won’t be anything like Daikatana. That game lived on hype for years, and when it finally shipped, late and overbudget, it was awful. Half-Life 2 has had no hype, or even an announcement of its existence, until recently. And then they announced it by showing the game, almost done and already looking damn impressive.

I’m not sure what you have against Half-Life 2, mtkafka, but your posts here sound like you want it to suck.

Wow, with that logic the moon really is made of cheese, eh?

I was joking! There’s no way I’d think it’d be like Daikatana! I want to be LESS hyped so I can be completely suprised… like the first HL. I avoided all hype for the first one and was blown away.


I think one of the reasons they are doing this is because they want to test new distributions systems. You wouldnt want to test it with a new product, you do it with a product that has a just add water fan base.

Just testing the waters so to speak.

Its inevitable and unavoidable.

You can see here that they are already a little behind projections made 2 years ago.

The posititve side is that MOD makers might be able to become mini-devs making levels for games and recieving compensation for it as well as acclaim.

Just figure out how to work the system to your advantage and work it.

Thanks for providing a nice readable graph. It makes it all clear.

I need to buy a new graphics card with pixel shaders to be able to read that chart/table/thing…

… but thanks for it anyway.

Whats your resolution set at? Looks ok to me, oh well.

Ran into this tonight, imagine that.


Virtual Delivery Seen as Death to Discs
Tue Sep 2,10:05 PM ET Add Entertainment - Reuters to My Yahoo!

By Jesse Hiestand

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Hollywood will win the war against illegal downloading but the battlefield will be littered with casualties, including the DVD and CD formats as physical means of distributing video and audio, according to a Forrester Research study released Tuesday.

The study predicts that in five years, CDs and DVDs will start to go the way of the vinyl LP as 33% of music sales and 19% of home video revenue shifts to streaming and downloading"



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I dunno – they need to make music and movies a lot cheaper if they expect me to buy a download. In my mind, anything I download will be gone five years later due to being wiped in an accident or due to me running out of disk space. If Hollywood and the record industry wants my business, they’ll have to offer their products for sale on some kind of disc as well.

What sucks is that it looks like even the full paying price guys will have to pay extra for addons like TF2.

When did TF2 become an add-on? I know that it was originally going to be one, but then Valve decided to develop it as a seperate game. Did they do a reversal on this?

It’s a separate product; you will be able to buy it standalone, or you’d get it as part of the subscription plan if you belonged to that. I suppose some people are unhappy that it will cost money at all; the Valve owned mods (CS, TFC, DoD) next gen versions will be commercial products, not freely downloadable like the current versions. Personally, I don’t see why this is a problem; they’re now established franchises and the older versions will undoubtedly still be available free.