Half-life 2 Dominos

Check it out. Physics at work.


That was flat-out amazing

Someone made a dominos video with Trespasser (lol boobs) once. It looked similar to that video. I’ll see if I can find a link to it.

If only Trespasser wasn’t so hilariously buggy when it came out.

This had me laughing out loud. :D


Yeah, yeah. Everyone knows that the much-vaunted HL2 has nothing on a hardcore domino sim, like Dominatrix or Double Six. And from what I’ve heard Far Cry 2: Domino Theory (which is set in Laos during the Viet Nam war) will just topple its reputation.

That’s very cool.

What, you mean something like this: http://picapic.net/media/HDV67GN84Q8GV4

That’s impressive considering how old the game is.

What’s with the lol boobs comment? Boob physics in the game?

In the game you played a female character. The game was in first person perspective and when you looked down, instead of not seeing yourself like most games you’d see your clevage.

Heres a screenshot.

Note, you were encouraged to do this too, as the color of the tattoo was how you determined your health.

That’s pretty amusing.

The things Garry’s Mod gives us.

Heh, good stuff!