Half life 2 nda over

as of now the HL2 NDA should be over (Pacific time, which is their time).

so, if you have links to articles, previews, hi-rez shots or anything else Half-Life 2 related, post them here so we can all check them out.

I haven’t seen anything yet, although I am keeping my eyes peeled and will post when I find something…

Already read about it 2 days ago.

what did you read 2 days ago?

I am talking about NEW material… not the stuff we have already seen in the scanned magazines…

here is some stuff… most of it is old but there are a couple of new screens at the end:


some old stuff here…

I have a sinking feeling this game’s gonna run like a slideshow on my system. Well, I played the original Half-Life in software mode at 640X480… :?

"what did you read 2 days ago? "

The preview in CGM. One of the places that people got those scanned images from. The new CGW and PC Gamer have previews too.


yeah I have seen all of those… I am talking about the “new” stuff since the NDA was lifted as of today…

ho hum…

guess that was all over-hyped…

…must wait for E3

All the stuff you will see today will be from people who went to the same event as the magazines.

There’s such a thing as TOO MUCH information.

The game is in development and will be released this year. That’s all I need to know. :D

a short movie of the engine in action would be nice…

Half Life 2: Day one Demo would be nice too.

I remember getting the original Half Life OEM Demo from a guy I knew who was at one of the old Planetquake LAN Parties in LA (and I can’t remember what they were called now) on the day it was leaked…They had good bandwidth at their LAN Parties :)