Half life 2 on tour at an arena near you!




Get your tickets now, or you lose out. Yeesh, what’s next … MC ‘DAIKATANA’ ROMERO?!? With Tom Chick and his stand up act?!?



Don’t really have a comment about this GDfest thing, just HL2. I got that huge 600MB demo movie from E3.

All I can say is…HOLY FRIGGIN HELL!!!

They could release a beta with just the areas they show off in the demo and I’d pay $50 right now for it.

I havn’t seen a in depth Halo 2 or DOOM III demo but those guys better have something awsome up their sleaves.

It’s coming to Chicago… I actually might go to this thing, not just for Half Life 2 but to see what this ‘fest’ is all about… some gaming competition?