Half-Life 2 on Xbox for Christmas 2003?

So I’ve read this rumor enough times now that I’m starting to believe it. Does anyone have any actual information on this? Are PC gamers going to be happy to see this?



Er, if it’s true and it comes out for the Xbox first, then no, PC gamers won’t be happy. Is there even any need to debate this?

It would be a coup for the Xbox though.

eh, how many people really care about HL anymore?

i own it, i liked it in its time, i still play cs… but it’s been a while since i gave a rats ass about gordon freeman.

Apparently Counter Strike for Xbox is ready for 2003. Not sure if it’s a major update to the PC version or just a port tho.

With Halo 2 being pushed to 2003, I’d personally be pretty happy to see Half-Life 2 on the box for Xmas. I find it hard to believe though…

I only bring it up because it’s popping up in so many places as though it’s fact, especially among Xbox fans. I’m mostly curious if this is just wishful thinking or if it’s really going to happen. I guess E3 will tell the tale.


I’m guessing “rumor” unless another Microsoft Money Hat ™ is involved. Valve clearly knows that Half-life sales continue to be driven by the mods, and the console sales of Half-life were pretty poor from what I heard (though I didn’t hear much, so feel free to refute that).

On the other hand, maybe Valve is hoping for a Halo-style pile of console sales, followed by a PC release and a pile of mod-driven sales. The only problem with that scheme is that if they go a long time without a new PC release, other games might become the modders’ darling and shut them out of that market. We already are seeing lots of mods for UT2003, and if Doom3 makes it out before HL2, then it could dominate the modding scene. Maybe they can support mods through XBox Live? I don’t see them handing out dev kits anytime soon, though, so mods could be ported, but you need the PC modders to create them in the first place.

Of course, based on those hardware surveys from Futuremark, Half-life 1 sales will continue for the huge, outdated PC hardware base. Maybe Valve could release a mini-GL driver for those Fred Flintstone birds that appear to live in a lot of PCs.

Well, it would work for me, as it would finally get me to purchase a console for the first time in over two decades. I think Half-life is still the best FPS ever, although I haven’t yet played a few of the recent releases.

I think its Xbox fans getting overzealous in their wishing. I guess Valve would do it with enough cash from MS.

Yeah, I’m still waiting for all the Xbox games from Square so many people assured me were happening.

The main differences in this case is that Valve is literally in Microsoft’s back yard, and Gabe Newell himself was one of the first members on the Windows team, so he has lots of personal and professional ties with MS. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill himself gave Gabe a visit. A Half Life 2 as an Xbox-exclusive would be a huge coup. And with Halo2 knocked till next year, it’d be much needed, as well.

I can certainly see it happening, and the rumor-fest has certainly perked up of late.

And if the MS/Vivendi Interactive thing does go through, it would really be a lock at that point, I’d imagine. Speaking of which, what’s the deal with the Vivendi negotiations? All the buzz just disappeared a while ago and no one was saying anything at all, and then Vivendi posts a record loss just a few days ago and talks about selling off even more assets.

Vivendi just bought Fox Interactive. Who knows what they’re up to?


Vivendi has no lock on Half-Life. Gabe paid for the game himself. Sierra is just the messenger…

I’d think Gabe would want use Half-Life 2 to give his own delivery system a boost…

Your Power Pill

Steam already collapsed under the weight of CS 1.6, so they have a lot of work to do if they want to release HL2 through it.

I’m replaying Half-Life right now, and I’m actually shocked by how incredibly well it has held up. One thing it does that (as far as I know - I’m on a kind of antiquated laptop, so I haven’t played an FPS more recently than Jedi Knight 2) still hasn’t been emulated correctly is the way it places you in a cohesive world and sweeps you casually along from goal to diverse setting to original encounter to cinematic action while illuding the gamer into thinking that they are moving non-linearly with massive amounts of the complex still unexplored. The lack of “levels” and load times, in addition to the frequency of set-piece scripted sequences and segmented maps, make it very easy to get caught up in the game for hours at a time.

Why is it that five years later, the majority of FPS games still have levels and long, disjarring load times? Why hasn’t the Half-Life approach been adopted by more FPS games? I wouldn’t upgrade my PC for Doom 3, but I would certainly buy an X-Box for Half-Life 2.

The game still looks pretty damn good too. Anyone have any opinions on the High Def pack? I’ve seen some screenshots, and I’m not sure I like the new models, but I’m going to pick up Blue Shift this weekend.

I wouldn’t upgrade my PC for Doom 3, but I would certainly buy an X-Box for Half-Life 2.

I think that’s a dangerous statement to make. DOOM III could well be the next gimongous game on the PC and given they have a real designer down there now (Graeme Devine), I wouldn’t be suprised if it does a lot of single player things as good or even better than Half-Life did.

You may just be eating those words and upgrading your PC. :D


The game still looks pretty damn good too. Anyone have any opinions on the High Def pack? I’ve seen some screenshots, and I’m not sure I like the new models, but I’m going to pick up Blue Shift this weekend.

The High Def pack doesn’t make a huge difference, but it helps. After playing with it for a while I found the old-style Barneys to be intolerably ugly. I think HL’s environments hold up better than the original character models.

I agree Half-Life does a good job of hiding its own (almost total) linearity and making things seem to happen spontaneously. Other games have certainly taken cues from it, i.e. the plethora of “cutscenes” that occur within your character’s POV (Elite Force did a lot of that) but the whole package has never since been put together so well.

The evolution of Barney:

I still like the second to last one best. Has a hell of a lot of personality.

There’s one excellent FPS that also did this, and that’s Halo. Just one level load at the start of each massive level, and then just experience brief, half-second pauses every now and then as you progress through the level.

I’ve had to explain Half-Life to some relative gaming newbies recently, and the way I do it is tell them that before Halo, the king was Half-Life. They immediately get what I’m talking about and so they go out and get Half-Life and like it.


Well maybe you should add more ram. I have 512mb of ram and load times are between 2-5 seconds. I was playing NoLF and my load times were non-existent.

Add more ram!