Half-Life 2 Rumor

At E3, an almost inside and not entirely unreliable source assured me (and was willing to bet me one thousand dollars) that HL2 is absolutely, positively not coming out on 9/30, and probably not coming out this year. “9/30 2004 is more like it,” is what he or she said while stabbing the air with a meaty or delicate index finger. Obviously, I have no idea. But this guy was utterly convinced and pretty convincing. I hope he’s wrong, because the game looks so rad, but, on the other hand, I realize that you’re thinking that I slipped up and revealed that it’s a “he” when, in fact, I was just leading you on and he may be a she. The important, unambiguous thing is that someone who may or may not be a man like Warren Spector and who may be in a position to know these things, like Warren Spector, assures you through me that HL2 is not coming out on September 30th of this year. And she’s not Warren Spector - that was just something I said to get attention. The other parts of my story about the rumor, however, are true.

I’m not Warren Spector either, yet I have heard from 2 people that there is no way in hell HL2 will be out 9/30. However, both of those people were competitors, so it might have been sour grapes. If it was unlikely to make that date, why was Gabe Newell so adamant about it in the print interviews? Why not just say “later this year”?

Maybe its the fanboy in me that doesn’t want to think the game will be out then, but it seems like this just might be a bit of jealously from devs that don’t like the proverbial 800lb Gorilla that is HL2 being announced like this and getting all the attention now.

It wouldn’t be the first time a game has slipped. Then again, they seemed pretty adamant about the date. I guess it depends on whether this mysterious womanly Warren Spector informant is in a real position to know, or is a competitor making an uninformed but hopeful guess.

Did they actually say 9/30/2003 or just 9/30. Maybe he was adamant about that date, but not the year? :)


I just think it’s cool that you got to talk to Warren Spector about HL2.

In all of the years (one) that I’ve been conducting inteviews with Gabe Newell by reading PCG and CGW’s interviews out loud and pretending that my Pikachu doll was Gabe, he has never been proven wrong about a Half-Life 2 release date. Not once. Warren Spector–and every man or woman who may or may not be like him–is a big fat liar who told me Black and White would be out in 1999 and that DNF was gonna be here “real soon now”. Who would you rather believe, Pikachu Newell, or the Spector Conglomerate?

[size=2]Also I’m jealous of Erik who gets to talk to Warren Spector while I only get to talk to SpoofyChop and my manager, who take turns making me equal parts annoyed and irritated.[/size]

Well I don’t see how hard that is, given that there is only one HL2. What’d I miss? :D

Anyway, I have it from a pretty reliable source that IF in fact it hits the shelves on 09/30/03, that it will be a rushed release. And they can do this simply because the anticipation will let them get away with it.

HOWEVER, I don’t give a toss what some reliable source says, all I know is that between now and 09/30 is literally four months and some. A lot can happen in this time and unless you are one of the core devs or producers, there is NO way in hell you’ll be able to tell if it will ship or not. Even then, you’d be hard pressed to bet $1000 on a game that is supposed to ship in four months if its (a) not in the advanced Beta stage (b) the bugs DB is 100% empty (c) all final gameplay tweaking is not already in progress.

I have faith in Gabe that this game, when it does ship, will ship simply because its ready. Then again, who owns Valve these days? :roll:

That does seem like a bit of a cosmic inbalance, doesn’t it?

Erik also gets a hug and a kiss from Seanbaby, while the rest of us only get hugs.

Ugh, ETA wrong thread…

Speaking of rumors, I don’t know where the rumor that I had some long conversation with Warren Spector started. I saw him at the HL2 demo, I introduced myself, he said “hello”, and that was pretty much that. A few minutes later, he butted into a conversation I was having with somebody else. The two of them spoke a few sentences at each other before Warren excused himself saying he had to “go back to his booth and cry.”

Hell, I only got a handshake from Seanbaby.

According to Erik, he and Seanbaby crashed the Wired party by Seanbaby walking up to the women letting people in and announcing, “Hi, I’m Seanbaby and this is my entourage,” gesturing to Erik. The women got all googly-eyed and pretended to find his name on the list and let him in. Heh.

Last I saw Seanbaby, he and his other entourage were off to crash the Sony party.

I second the motion.

Apparently the fact that it was a joke. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go sit in a corner and cry as my lame attempt at humor didn’t even merit an “LMAO” from Dr. Derek Smart, loL. :oops:

Also, it’s still cool that Erik got to introduce himself to Warren Spector. I tried introducing myself to the tollbooth attendant on the PA Turnpike (who I pretended was Warren Spector) this morning, but he still wouldn’t tell me anything about Thief III :(

Relax, Mike. He got your joke. It’s you that didn’t get his. :wink:

Relax, Mike. He got your joke. It’s you that didn’t get his. :wink:[/quote]

Thanks. I was just going to type that. :D

He did indeed make it into the Sony party. And a good time was had by all (or all that I saw, anyway).

I know exactly who you’re talking about, Erik. And yeah, he can be pretty convincing. And he said the same thing, in the same words, to me on the last day of the show.

But on the other hand, we’ve got Gabe being VERY firm about the date, a demo that shows off gameplay that sure as hell looks pretty far along to me, and even a couple people at Sierra who think they’ll actually make the date.

I’m not sure who to believe, and honestly I’m not sure it matters. 9/30 is really super agressive, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it slipped to later this year. But the big guy Erik spoke to (I assume) was convinced it would be 2004, and not even early in the year, which I’m not sure I’d go along with.

It will still precede DNF, which is still hiring talent to be a “significant contributor” to the overall game (ie…their recent model/animator position), by extention admitting that there is still significant development left. ;)

Please tell me that this is true, if it is I’ll print that on every website I own, which is basically half of the internet