Half-Life 2

Now that it is almost out, they have a demo to play. I haven’t tried it yet. Any good news? Impressions, etc.?

There’s a demo? Where is it?

Cancel that…my bad. I saw it on Gamespot, but it was just a stupic graphics demo. :(

Gamespot needs to knock that crap off. Call it what it is. . .a trailer. A demo indicates interactivity.

Cool, I was wondering where we were gonna talk about Half-Life 2.

I’m surprised nobody has addressed the recent NVidia vs. Newell news. Does anyone have anything to say on this that knows more than I do about the possible outcome?

I suggest giving this a read. Nvidia’s FX line of boards simply can’t compete against ATI’s when it comes to DX9 shaders.


Actually, in response to Mike, it would be nice if we could just talk about the game, instead of when it is coming out, or what Steam will do to it, or any of that crap. What do people think about the game itself?

I like the setting, so far. I know people think that without the Black Mesa, it won’t work, but I hardly ever noticed the facility. Some people think of it as an extra character in the original, but I didn’t. I just remember the incredible AI and level design and the feeling of really being there (where? I don’t know, since I didn’t notice the facility!). If the second game can capture that, I am thrilled.

The shading article WAS interesting, btw. I might have to switch vid cards.

What do we know about Half-Life 2 the game? Anyone care to summarize? What are the multiplayer options? Any idea of the plot? What’s it doing that’s new to the genre? I know almost nothing about it other than it has some advanced physics.

Valve doesn’t want you to know, honestly. They haven’t announced the multiplayer options on purpose; they haven’t released any movies or additional shots aside from the E3 stuff besides the tech movie which shows no AI or anything.

They haven’t revealed any plot details other than the fact that the initial action, at least, takes place in an eastern European city (City 17); Gordon and his friends appear to be perhaps part of a resistance group that are battling a group called the Combine who may or may not be human.

And that, apparently, you’re now working for the G-Man. Or, at least, were working for him.

Wasn’t that the guy at the end of the first game anyway? It’s interesting that both Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 are going for a fight-across-a-vast-city atmosphere. I think it’ll help create a more epic feel to the games. They may still be linear, but at least it will FEEL more open.