Half life cd key

I wanted to install half life on my new machine but can’t find the jewel case. Is there a way to look at the old installation on my other machine and see what the key is? For the record the software isn’t being used on the old machine, it just hasn’t been deleted yet. Related question, on windows xp how do you see your ip address easily?

CD key? Ask sierra.

As for the ip adress. go to start => Run and type cmd

in the window that pops up type

Do a search through your registry, it should be there.


another solution to the xp ip address:

enable to network icon for your connection (in the network settings). this will add an icon to the system tray that has send/recv lights, which is sometimes useful. you can double click on this icon to bring up a connection info dialog with your current ip address as well as send/recv stats.