Half Life II Trailer

I saw the Half-Life II Demo after getting it off a link on the Internet. I almost passed out with excitement looking at the trailer.

I don’t know about anybody else, but Half-Life is undoubtedly the only game I’ve enjoyed, really enjoyed, in about 5 years. I’m hoping they don’t screw it up, because I plan to be standing in line to buy this thing when it comes out. I actually did this for Return To Castle Wolfenstein and it was the biggest disappointment I’ve ever had in a game.

The funny thing about Doom III is that I have this sinking sensation that I am going to go out and buy a brand new computer just to play it on and discover it’s a naf bit of doo after five minutes, sort of like the instinctual feeling I got playing RTCW seconds after booting it up. I suspect Half-Life II is a safe bet in comparison. I’m sure Doom III will have awesome graphics, but I wonder if it will have anything else. Remember, HL was built with the Q2 engine and look what they did with it compared to Q2 (which was strictly a walkthrough graphic demo for me, no engagement).

I didn’t have time to see it at E3, but Half-Life 2 was clearly the game generating the most buzz. I’m sure it will be named game of the show. The physics are, according to jaded gamers like Erik Wolpaw, amazing. Something about demonstrating a body floating in the water and making an arm heavier and that changing the angle at which the body floated. All kinds of stuff like that.

I’m kind of glad I didn’t see it, because it would probably be one of the few games I would get excited about, and why walk around with a woody for the next 5-6 months waiting for it?

Fileplanet has the E3 HL2 demo posted for subscribers. It is 500 MB.

Okay, what are some good sources of video for the longer demo that don’t require a FilePlanet subscription?

The most interesting thing about the game (which is stunning visually) is the design direction they are taking it into. While the first game relied heavily on scripted sequences, the second game relies more on emergent simulational sequences, which is the way games should be going. There is much to be learned from this product.

It’s broken up, but-

I’ve found all the E3 movies on newsgroups. Try,


I found all of them posted there. No wait, no searching all over the net, and fantastic donwload speeds!

And for the record, I’m still looking forward to Doom 3 more. Don’t know what it is but that damn video just has me aching to play the game.That is certainly not to take anything away from Half-Life 2, which I want almost as bad.

Here’s a question for everyone, I’ve read in a few places that HL 2 is going to come with co-op right out of the box. Can anyone confirm this? This one little feature that no one want’s support being added to a game I’m already dying to get my hands on, could send it straight to the top of “my most wanted ever” games list!

I just watched it. All I have to say is: holy fucking shit. That is, literally, the most amazing game demo I’ve ever seen.

We watched it at work about fifteen times in a row. Our boss came in and essentially told us we would be dragged outside and shot in the forehead at point-blank range if we so much as watched it one more time. Then he started watching it with us and couldn’t take his eyes away. We all sat there and watched it about another ten times with him.

I hate being this excited about a game - but you know, there are some games that do live up to the hype, they change your life, they make the sky seem bluer and the birds chirp a little louder. One such game for me was the original Half Life. It was the fulfillment of every science fiction novel I’d ever read in my youth, only I lived it instead of reading it. It was that good. If the second one is as good or better I may never finish Grimoire. I may end up having a psychotic episode and going two weeks without eating, sleeping or drinking playing the damn game if it is as good as that trailer looked.

Holy shit.

The GameSpy 500MB video seems too dark.
The GameSpot 8-part video is much better quality, but I’ve noticed that at least one of them cuts short by a minute… also it seems to have some slight color cycling problems, but its ignorable.

All quicktime mov files… bleh.

To echo Jason:

Holy Shit.

Just increase the brightness (Quicktime doesn’t seem to use your overlay settings, so if you have the brightness adjusted there, Quicktime movies will still be dark). The Fileplanet movies are higher quality than the GameSpot ones–slightly higher resolution and more consistent (I noticed severe color cycling in the one Gamespot movie that I downloaded, and bright parts of the video were completely blown out).

I agree with the “bleh… Quicktime” comment, though.

Had the quicktime debate in the Halo 2 thread - why do people insist on using this crappy format?

Oh My Fucking God!!!

I’m only halfway through downloading all the videos, but what I’ve seen so far is Fuckin’ Amazing!

I just want to take that video down to EB and rub it in the faces of all those annoying console fanboys. “Eat Shit and Die, Bastards! PC Dead My Ass!”