Half Life videos

So who’s seen the videos of the HL demo?

Incredible. I wonder how DOOM 3 will end up comparing to that.

There’s another thread with a lot of impressions. You know there is a Doom3 video floating around, too, right? HL2 seems to be the hands down favorite.

Doom 3 looks ‘better’… But it does not look like more fun.

ever since quake 3 came out I realized that all id software does is reproduce the same gameplay but with better graphics.

the gaming community will only be fooled for so long.

i think Doom 3 will be the final test for id software which they will fail and id software will just become “another” game dev house. they are no longer “leaders”.

I’m not even sure about looking better. The gameplay scenes are all in corridors & relatively small rooms. The detail levels didn’t seem dramatically different. I recall one bit that was outside, but it looked like a non-interactive cutscene.

id REALLY needs a top designer. Or heck, just a very good one. Either that or forget about making games entirely and just create engines (with demos to show them off) and license them.

But I agree that if id wants to stay in the game-making business they need gameplay innovation and they need it ASAP. If they don’t get it Spector and Co. will destroy them.

Carmack: “Innovation we have! Doom 3 is the first game in the Survival Horror genre developed by id!”

Brian: “Um… ALL of the id games have been survival horror. Doom was the first survival horror PC game.”

Carmack: “We have more guns! More Guns!”

Brian: Sigh

Carmack: “We have external camera views! Cutscenes! Lighting improvements! There’s a PLOT!”

Brian: “I’m out of here…”

yeah, like id games have been doing so terrible to date with their lack of innovation. There was nothing innovative about quake 2 or 3 but they were fucking fun to play and that is why they did well.

i actually didnt bother to download the doom3 movie… i saw halo2 and it was good, i saw hl2 and it was even better but doom3 !? nah, i will pass, i haven’t cared about id games since quake… they are all just trigger happy games imo

Doom 3 is all about lighting and shadows… it will be awesome.

Half Life 2 is all about the physics… it will be awesome.

Combine them both and you have…



in your head that is…