Half the Mythbusters exit the show

IMO Mythbusters has pretty much covered anything that is worth covering. I still occasionally watch the show and did catch the end last night where they announced the cast break up.

I still kinda wish they would do 9/11 Truther myths the way they debunked the moon landing conspiracies, but I understand why they haven’t.

Oh, that’s reassuring. I thought “The show is taking a new direction” sounded ominous.

They ran out of common myths years ago, much like Dirty Jobs did with its subject matter. I still love the show, don’t get me wrong, but it devolves into “watch us blow shit up” all too often.

I agree, I’m surprised Discovery didn’t keep Grant and pals around for a spin-off show.

I loved junkyard wars back in the day, but it got pretty repetitive pretty quickly. And if you watched more than a couple episodes it became painfully obvious that the “junkyard” was seeded with everything that each team would need beforehand.

They are also killing the hell out of Revision3. It may already be dead for all I know but at one time it had a good lineup that made it my streaming TV one-stop shop. Now I haven’t watch a single episode of anything in forever.

It allegedly was contract negotiations between the Junior Mythbusters and the Powers That Be. Whether it is was because they were demanding more money, or the other way around and it was being demanded that they take less money wasn’t entirely clear, but Jamie and Adam were entirely out of the loop on that. Or so Adam alleges. Anyway, whether they actually decided to walk or they had that decision made for them may be arguable, but if they simply walked on their own they’d be free to start a Mythbusters Clone show on a different network. That they haven’t still has me second guessing the true nature of their departure.

There was an interesting EW interview with Adam. They had no clue about those negotiations (and adam doesn’t sound super happy, as now they have to fill more show with less people). Sounded like they kept getting raises year after year, and they were told they would be capped at pay or to take a cut, and they wouldn’t.

That being said, Adam said that the trio was possibly pitching their own show for discovery. That would be a nice outcome, and I really loved the Kari/Grant/Tory team, and I would bet they could produce a great show that is cheaper to make.

But Discovery is interested in gold-mining shows only now.

Seems like Grant is doing great things now.

If I hadn’t clicked on the link I’d have no idea how “great” his current gig was. I’m sure he’s saying “I’m lovin’ it”.

Yeah, that’s a shame. I can’t imagine a worse career move for someone who was known to be a tester/validator/debunker than to become a paid shill for a mega-corp. Well, I guess I could come up with a couple worse moves… if pressed.

Great… now I have a sad in my x-mas.

Would have worked if he had pressed them harder and had an external lab test the validity of their claims. Now it just seems like an ad break disguised as anything useful.

If he wanted to be upfront why not show them actually slaughtering the chickens? I’ve been to a real slaughterhouse for pigs and it’s not funny even if it’s up to code.

Obviously it is an advertisement, yes. So what? Dude’s got to pay his monthly nut.

Why? he became famous telling the truth, testing myths. They’d had to pay him a pretty penny to just front that whole experience.,

Nothing surprising. I watched what could be called an advertorial from the Mythbuster guys on Gorilla glass. They gave out some interesting factoids on it but was clearly paid for by Corning.

Nothing surprising. I watched what could be called an advertorial from the Mythbuster guys on Gorilla glass. They gave out some interesting factoids on it and a couple of demos but it was clearly paid for by Corning.

Did you watch it twice?

Huzzah! :)

The new season premiered last night, sans the build team, and I have to say I think it’s an improvement. They only ran two experiments and spent way more time on the design and construction of each, something that was missing from the last half dozen seasons (which needed to make room for all the “awesome!”'s and high fives). It felt much more like the early days of the show, although Jamie and Adam are more comfortable with each other and the camera now. The problem of not having many interesting myths left to test is still with them, though, and unavoidable.

I forgot - it’s a free just about everything weekend on DirecTV and I have the recorder going nonstop capturing shows I haven’t seen (my god, I’m so happy I didn’t spend money to see Amazing Spider-man 2). Well, it’s not like they won’t show it a dozen more times…

Yeah, I am doing the same. Picked up 2 episodes of Silicon Valley (which is all they were showing) and a bunch of movies. I know they don’t do this free weekend very often but the sad thing is that every time they do have one, there are so many shows I’ve seen and/or saw last time that it reminds me why I don’t want to pay for all the premium movie channels.