Halliburton overcharging to import gasoline into Iraq


Two Democratic lawmakers say Vice President Dick Cheney’s former company, Halliburton, is gouging U.S. taxpayers while importing gasoline into Iraq. The Houston-based company contends it is paying the best price possible.

Reps. Henry Waxman of California and John Dingell of Michigan complained to the Bush administration that Halliburton’s KBR subsidiary is billing the Army between $1.62 and $1.70 per gallon, while the average price for Middle East gasoline is 71 cents.

They also complained that Iraqis are charged between 4 cents and 15 cents at the pump for the imported gasoline.

I must say I am repeatedly surprised by this kind of price gouging. (Hah!!) Is there anything left that’s not full of corruption?

It is an AP story, I hope you were just joking, but with Machfive and the like around, I can never be sure.


Sometimes, the gasoline created in other countries aren’t as pure as what we have here.

Brown & Root got busted for something similar in the first Iraq War. I think they were charging something like $96 per sheet of plywood. Although I guess a lawsuit against them didn’t stop the Bush admin. from hiring them again. :P

Gasoline from North America is junk. It’s full of sulphur and requires extra filtering to get the grit out. Why else do you think we don’t have gasoline direct injection engines like in Asia or Europe?