Halloween Costumes, Cultural Appropriation, and Racism.


Or even if you are white. Disco had a lot of see singers. Like @CraigM said, there is zero, zero reason to try and change your race for a costume. And for people that are hard to guess… Well bad guesses are part of any celebration with costumes anyway … just ask Brick!

Don’t yellow, red or black face… Ever. We can argue maybe a little more about the costumes… That’s a lot harder but no little girl need to change her skin or even her hair to know what Disney princess she is, and same goes for superheroes. Heck most can wear a t-sorry with a single symbol on it and fans can tell you who they are, superheroes, rebels, the empire, federation, Klingon… Then you have single silver gloves, a specific pirate hat, maybe a white pantsuit… Zero need.




To be honest, it wasn’t nearly that long ago. My father did blackface minstrel stage humor in his high school years, so that would have been late 50s? It was the rural south, but 1907 is generations too far back.


Looks like Megyn Kelly may be losing her show.


Who could have know that hiring a known race baiting far right mouthpiece would backfire. This was unknowable.


Eh, I dunno if I’d really call Megyn Kelly a “race baiting far right mouthpiece”.
I mean, other than this, I dunno if I recall her ever being racist like Ann Coulter or something.

In this case, it was definitely weird though, for her to actually be defending blackface, in that term.


I remember this:


Her show must have already been faltering. No way would they fire her if it was doing fine.



It wasn’t.

Hemorrhaged 25% of the 18-49 market, and had a dip in viewers of 13% overall, which wouldn’t be a big deal as it was a change in format/hosts, and could see a small drop, but they are paying her shit-tons of money, and things haven’t gotten better over the year. Multiple guests have refused to go on the show, and she continues to say dumb stuff.


Back when NBC first signed her, a lot of people said it was a bad idea. Her Fox News bullshit doesn’t play to the NBC audience, so the outcome was either going to be that you muzzle her instincts, thereby losing whatever made her valuable, or you let her go wild and upend the network’s reputation. It was a terrible investment.


I hope NBC lose the 69 million im seeing bandied about on socmedia. People need to learn not to normalise and accept the ethno-nationalists in any form and in the US money talks so perhaps this will hold back other corporates sniffing around trying to capture the Nazi Dollar.



Even after the recent Diana Ross incident, the annual tradition of people not getting the memo on blackface is still going strong.


Here’s a cheery update for Megyn Kelly fans:

But representatives for the host and the network declined to comment on the exact terms of her exit.

Kelly is not believed to be subject to any “noncompete” clause, which means that in theory she can join another network right away, the sources said.

But Kelly does not currently have an agent, and there is no indication that she has another job lined up.

When approached by celebrity photographers on the street in New York City on Thursday, and asked “will we see you on TV this year,” Kelly said. “You will definitely see me back on.”

Good going, NBC. You stupid clowns. I just can’t believe she was ever valued at $69,000,000 in the first place.


Is there a pool for how long Trump can last before he has to tweet about this?


Trump: $69,000,000. Heh. 69. Get it?


Gordon Ramsay Restaurants announces the opening of its newest London restaurant: Lucky Cat will open on the site of Maze, in Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, this summer.

A revolutionary new venture and concept for the group, the restaurant is set to be an authentic Asian Eating House and vibrant late-night lounge, inspired by the drinking dens of 1930s Tokyo and the Far East.

Just as these nocturnal clubs were once the playground of urban dwellers seeking all things spirited and rebellious, Lucky Cat has woven these notions into the fabric of Lucky Cat, as showcased in everything from the menu concept to the innovative interior design.

Self-styled “tofu freak” Ben Orpwood will be leading the charge on the innovative menu. His extensive experience in the realm of Asian cuisine includes his time as executive chef at Richard Caring’s Asian restaurant and bar, Sexy Fish, in addition to a six-year stint at Rainer Becker’s Japanese concept Zuma.

Chef Gordon Ramsay says, “I can’t wait to open the doors at Lucky Cat and bring a new flavour of Asian food and culture to Mayfair. I can honestly say there will not be a bad seat in the house — every table will have a unique view and each guest will come away having experienced something sensational — whether it be the phenomenal menu, the amazing service or the stunning look and feel. Maze leaves large shoes for us to fill, but I have no doubt Lucky Cat will more than step up to the plate.”

The new restaurant highlights Gordon Ramsay Restaurants’ continued innovation and creativity and is set to become the go-to destination for exquisite, authentic Asian cuisine and culture in the heart of Mayfair, thriving on an ethos of respect and passion that is channeled into every dish.

My only objection to this is the “authentic Asian Eating House” and “Asian cuisine” stuff. It’s like saying “Caucasian cuisine” or maybe more charitably “European cuisine” but I get it. It’s lazy shorthand. I’m not bent out of shape by it. I would eat whatever British-Chinese-fusion meal they serve and probably like it.

But, people already have a rage-on for Ramsay thanks to his show in which he travels around the world and “schools” locals on how to cook their own foods, so the reaction to this news is not great.


Isn’t it actually racist to suggest that only asians know how to cook “authentically asian” food? Cooking isn’t magic - you have ingredients and cooking methods. Anyone can learn to cook “asian” food.


Asia is a place though.

And you don’t need to be Asian to cook Asian food.