What are people going as? If anything. I’m dressed as a ladybug. I bought a kid’s costume and cut out the bottom so it fits. It’s pretty funny, but it’s tough telling people to do something for me. They kinda laugh.

I went as the main character from Mafia. I even shot people…with my 1960’s Polaroid camera.


(That’s some excellent photography Roger.)

Halloween is my anniversary, so… um… no costume for me.

Me? I’m gonna curse them damned kids for waking up my colicy baby. Where’d I put that buckshot?

Nicely done photo page, Roger!

Eewww. Overshare, Mr. Bub.

This is me. I also used a kids costume. Be afraid:



My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing! :shock:

  • Alan

Aw man that’s awesome! I was trying SOOOOOO hard to find a good pokemon costume, but there weren’t any. Next year, I think I’m going to make a charmander costume… way ahead of time.

And we’re gonna be posting a BioWare Halloween story, so I’ll have links to my pictures, too. Soon.

I believe the appropriate response to this is, “Okay, I’m going to go dump chemically potent cleaning solutions into my eyes now. Join me if the mood arises.”*

Though I don’t actually have any friends who’d ever invite me to a Halloween party, I took this picture about five years ago of a costume I might wear if I actually had friends and stuff.

Behold, my “Dick” picture.

I wasn’t able to dress up this year, but my three boys did of course…my son chose that middle costume… I had nothing to do with it, I swear! Too bad you can’t see the M on his hat…


You can also see our three carved pumpkins for this year. I did the two on the outside and my wife did the one in the middle.


Hey, Dave Long’s kids are almost as cute as Supertanker’s kids!

C’mon, Supertanker, spill the beans: which of your girls did you coerce into dressing up as video game characters?


Well, since the baby’s favorite game is GTA3, I wanted to dress her up as the GTA3 guy. Alas, we could not find a leather jacket that was small enough, so she went as a ladybug. Practically the same thing.

The other two were Jasmine and Belle, so I suppose those are videogame characters if you count Disney Princess Magical Dress-Up as a game.

No pics yet, as my wife insists on standard film, no digital anymore.

So, Wholly has a mullet?

I went as one of the Morrocan Terrorists from No One Lives Forever. You know, the dude with the sunglasses, fez and Tommy Gun. No pictures however, I’m a lame-o and couldn’t find a camera.

i dressed up as a giant apple with a giant phony razor blade sticking out of it, and handed out apples to children

Pic to arrive as sson as I get it up loaded. Damn Yahoo photo links suck.

There’s stuff on there. I’m the ladybug.

Damn, that’s a lot of cake.

Yeah, we like our cakes!

Yeah, I guess you can expense all those cakes as research for your upcoming game:

I know, that is a sorry excuse for a baked-goods-related joke.