Halo 2 Multiplayer -- late to the party and BLAH!

So I recently started playing Halo 2 with some friends online.

Honestly, if it wasn’t with friends, I don’t think I’d actually play it. I’m so used to PC shooters that Halo 2 just doesn’t feel right. My online FPS of choice is currently BF2, but they’ve always been the more wide-open games (Planetside, larger UT maps)

  1. There’s no mouse. The thumbstick is… not that great.
  2. In Halo 2, man you run slow. I keep looking for the Run button that I use in BF2.

The variable game settings and matchmaking are great, and I don’t mind the weapons or maps or gametypes, but the rest… well… I wish I was playing BF2.

Is Battlefield for XBox supposed to be any good?

Keep in mind that more XBox controllers have been lost to beer spills during Halo 2 frat party matches than German at Verdun. The other people playing are the 12 year olds who grew up with consoles and this is their DOOM. It’s a totally different mentality than BF2. Think of the early beta days of CS.

/me teabags you


Yay. Another post that compares Halo 2 to PC FPS.


The thing I hated about Halo 2’s multiplayer was that you couldn’t pick what map you wanted to play.

If I wanted to play Blood Gulch (well the H2’s equiv) 24/7 then that’s my prerogative damnit.

If you host, you can pick what you want to play.

Frankly that’s what I love about Halo2’s multiplayer. The control in ranked games is taken out of the hands of the players and host so you wind up needing to know all the maps and all the gametypes instead of playing snipers on that one map every single game.

Of course in your personal games you can set it to whatever you want.

Xpav’s right, Halo 2 is a snooze compared to UT2004 or really any sufficiently advanced PC multiplayer experience.

I’d like to point out that whoever said that using a mouse in Halo/Halo 2 Xbox would give a player an unfair advantage was woefully wrong. Using a key/mouse emulator for Xbox I was completely and thoroughly owned on a regular basis. I consider myself a fairly good FPS player but some of these kids are just insanely talented with the gamepad and who , in my opinion, could easily keep up with all but the most skilled mouse users (even then they’d get a run for their money)