Halo 2 Rumblepit reset?

Anybody know what happened with the Halo 2 rumblepit reset? There’s no info posted at bungie.net and the forums just have a bunch of stupid kids whining and crying about it.

I noticed that my score was 0, but because I don’t really care I didn’t make an issue of it… did everyone’s Rumble Pit score get set to 0?

Rumble Pit is the last list that should be set to zero. Theres abundant glitches in team games, which is expected, though Rumble Pit is the least exploitable playlist. Its really the last one that needed fixing.

Oh, well.

The main reason I cared about my rank was that, at level 9, I was finally getting well-matched games. It’s no fun getting stomped by people who are way better just as it’s not a lot of fun playing against people who don’t know what they’re doing.