Halo 2 video

So, after seeing the direct feed version I am more impressed than before. Also, it’s pretty obvious it’s real time because this one is different than the other one I saw. The major events are the same, but there are differences.

I dunno, Halo 2 looked really lame.

Then again, I watched it right after the Half Life 2 video.

When does the Half-Life 2 backlash begin? Because I want to get a head start on that if at all possible.

Well you could get in on the ground floor by laying out a couple posts here and there that you can pick up later to serve as proof that you were the creator of the Half Life 2 sucks movement.

Can I just mention, in passing, how BitTorrent is like a taste of heaven?

Only if you post a torrent link to the video in question.


First three links are Torrents.

Thank you.
Mention away! :wink:

Your Power Pill

BitTorrent is like a taste of heaven.