Halo 3 11/01/07

Now you too can play Master Chief for just 99.99

So…I guess the helmet costs fifty dollars? Does it come with night vision or something?

All this + the Halo 3 game which is 60 bucks? Sounds like your getting a lot of bang for your buck if your into this kind of stuff.

Someone told me the Spartan helmet they’re giving away is just big enough to fit on a cat’s head. This should make for some amusing youtube videos.

PS. I guess that whole thing about releasing it to coincide with the PS3 launch didn’t pan out?

That’s Gears of War you’re thinking about.

Still, it looks like I’m going to see HALO 3 on a shelf before I see a PS3 on a shelf.

PS, MS’s PR (wow) shot that down ages ago. Should’ve known you’d try to bring that up again though.

I asked a friend to pick up the special collector’s package thingy of V for Vendetta that Best Buy was selling because it said it came with a Guy Fawkes mask.

I was disappointed to find that it was about cat-sized too.

I’m guessing after E3, they said, “Ha ha, Bungie guys, I guess you can take your time now.”

We’ll tell them we meant “Gears of War” all along!

More like it’ll coincide with the second shipment of PS3’s to America, bringing the total to 100,000 in-country.

Anything coming out a year from now can be totally ignored RIGHT NOW. Thanks.

I really hope to get Halo 3 next year, but I’m just not seeing it before 2008. The whole history of major releases from Bungie and almost every other big studio disagrees with that release date. Bungie is at Blizzard’s level when it comes to polish and getting a game right. It’s just not gonna happen before 2008.

FYI - the release date was made up by EB. That is not the release date for Halo 3.

Yeah, I know, but most gamers seem to be expecting it in 2007.

I would expect it sooner than that date, not later actually. I could be wrong though.

What’s your reasoning?

Guido’s connected.

To be fair to “most gamers”, they aren’t pulling 2007 out of their asses, Microsoft has announced Halo 3 as a 2007 release various times, including in the Halo 3 teaser trailer – Finish the Fight, 2007, yadda yadda.

Also, I’d love to see them release Halo 3 earlier in the year than the EB date. Not only because I want to play it, but because maybe if it comes out outside of the holiday season and sells a bazillion copies, the game industry will stop with this stupid shit of not releasing anything of note for 8 months and then releasing a fuckton of big games all in a few month span. I’m so sick of that shit.

Yeah, that’s what I was trying to refer to. 2007 was thrown around alot before EB posted it. 2006 - “day and date with the PS3” - was the big one last year. Bill Gates trumpeted it at E3 '05 or one of those big X360 events.