Halo 3 Achievement list reveals new game features?


It looks like the story-laden info terminals from Marathon are back. At least terminals will be making some sort of appearance. And what’s this about a campaign meta-game?

Notably absent: achievements specific to online cooperative play. If this comes to fruition, then ouch; Halo will officially lose its status as the showpiece series for the Xbox. Come on, Bungie. Gears of War standardized it, and Crackdown did it within a populous, physics driven, open-ended world, so why can’t you do it with your FPS?

Nice… even a nod to Marathon with logo.

Actually, the Marathon logo has been embedded in Halo from the beginning, notably as the insignia on Keyes’ uniform.

  • Alan

Thanks, if I noticed it I don’t remember. I played it later when Gearbox released it on PC.

If online co-op is not included then this game fails.

If 4 players local is not included this game fails.

I could live without 4 player local, but if there is no online co-op, that would be pretty fucked up.

Hopefully its in there and there are just no specific achievements for it.

Halo 3 could include a homosexual redux of Hot Coffee involving Master Chief and and a digital Jesus Christ and it still couldn’t fail. I’m amused you think no co-op would matter a bit.

So what’s this “Campaign meta-game,” I wonder?

Do you mean no online co-op or no co-op? Because while I wouldn’t say Halo 3 would “fail” if it had no co-op, co-op is big part of what makes Halo Halo and there would be a huge, huge backlash if there were no co-op mode at all.

If there were no online co-op, the backlash would be less huge but it would still be a very poor decision for a Halo game in a post-Gears of War world.

Cavalier achivement icon is the insignia I’ve always used.

I really hope they have Online Co-op even if it’s just duo co-op. If there is no co-op at all I, for one, won’t even rent this game.

I looked at the list again, and realized that there are no achievements specific to any form of co-op play. There’s no question that, at the least, a local co-op mode will be available. It would be a huge step backward for the series if that was omitted. Bungie must be leaving out co-op achievements, in which case the list doesn’t tell us about the status of co-op in the final product (OTOH, imagine how terminal reading might wreck the pacing during a co-op session - maybe the list is telling us something). Or, the list is incomplete, and final achievement values will change.

I suspect that this feature will play a part in Bungie’s last major trade show appearance before release.

Hmm… First DLC for Halo 3 = online co-op play?

It was fun in beta, but after playing it a bit online, and contrasting it to other recent games, it feels really kiddie.

Give me more tactical shooters or fun city wide Crackdown style combat over it any day. The Halo model seems a bit . . . dated . . . now.

Unless they make really good destructible maps with vehicle combat.

Tsk Tsk Mister! You haven’t read your Bungie Weekly Updates.

Frankie said that one map they had was so huge it would be impractical to get across it without anything short of a vehicle. Which I’m guessing means its either a space stage (With out-doors combat, i’d be sold INSTANTLY) or its just a huge open spaced arena.

Which would be fresh from Halo 2’s really really really stuffy maps. Lockout comes to mind; the map where you can literally hit anyone, from almost anywhere.

I have it on good word that Halo 3 will include online co-op. 4-player I believe.