Halo 3 Beta

I couldn’t find a thread with the search function about this, but Frankie has hinted at something in the newest Bungie Weekly Update.

As far as gameplay is concerned, you can make up your own mind early next year, when we give you the chance to play the Multiplayer beta. It won’t contain all of the cool new features from the game, but it will be a nice taste of what to expect. There will be more news about that in the very near future. Anyway, we’ve enjoyed spending another year with you guys – so enjoy the break and share the season’s warmth with your friends and family. Peace (and goodwill)!

So, what are we thinking? Late January Early February? Maybe early March?

I don’t honestly care. I think that whole “Sign-up for the Beta!” thing was a hype-machine attempt, and that the beta will be open for anyone with a Gold Live Membership. Probably a Census for the ‘want’ of Halo 3…

I don’t think they need a census for the ‘want’ of halo 3, but it certainly makes foraanother positive press release or two.

“3 million gamers downloaded the highly anticipated halo 3 beta blah blah blah blah blah”

Yeah. Thats what I was getting at…

But still. You can’t tell me you DON’T want to play Halo 3.

Sure I can.

Not even a little bit?

What’s the current word on the final game release date? I hunted around a little, but couldn’t find anything recent.

Novembruary 32nd.

Oh, the beta won’t be open to everyone with a Gold account - at least not at first. Maybe in some later stage where they’re stress-testing something or other.

Microsoft, in their infinitely clever marketing, has decided to attach a Halo 3 beta invitation with Crackdown (source), thereby at least doubling Crackdown sales. ;)

Crackdown comes out Feb 20th I believe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Halo 3 beta will be live. You might just get an invitation code or something, for a later Halo 3 beta date.

“2007” and that’s all they’ve ever said about it.

Late Summer most likely, release date wise.

And, yes, if you buy Crackdown, instant invitation to it. I was going to get it anyways, but now I’ve got the incentive to get it IMMEDIATELY.

And creating a huge used market for Crackdown.

(Not that it won’t be good, just that a lot of people will buy it for Halo, then return/exchange it.)

I just finished Halo2 last night.

I mean, it was good. And kinda fun. But we’re not talking GoW fun, here. Not at all.

I’ll probably get Halo3, but I’m not expecting much.

Oh, and, worst ending ever. Made the R6:Vegas ending look good.

Yep. Just like when nobody wanted Zone of the Enders until they found out that it came with a Metal Gear Solid 2 demo. Then it flew off shelves on launch day and you could find used copies (without the demo disc) pretty much the next day.

Welcome to November 10th, 2004. How long will your stay be?

We’ve been crying out against its ending for literally YEARS. WE’ve all gotten over it to, as it allows us another GREAT multiplayer game.

And don’t ruin R6 for me. I haven’t even STARTED Singleplayer yet.

Well, one key difference between the endings of Halo 2 and R6: Vegas is that I actually cared about the story in Halo 2. I really didn’t give a shit in Vegas, so I can live with a dumb cliffhanger there.

It wasn’t really a bad ending. Like everyone else I sat there for a minute thinking “What the? That’s it? What the god damn *%&$%” but it was actually a cool ending story wise and did leave me wanting more. While at the moment I was pissed once I got over that I enjoyed it.

The cool thing is that, from what I’ve played so far, Crackdown is a really good game.

13,333 players will also be able to get in on the beta by playing 3 hours of Halo 2 online on a 360.

Yeah. I plan on securing my spot, by buying Crackdown… I guarantee almost EVERYONE will be on February first from like, 12-3, playing, and then Hopping off to go sign up for the beta.

I’d rather just get the insta-ticket.

W00t. Just saw some Alpha Videos. Gotta say, looking good (From the grainy, pixelated BS that it shows).

Missed posting them by minutes. Sorry folks. They were on Xbox360 Fanboy and Joystiq. Don’t know Joystiq’s situation with then, but Fanboy’s were taken down.

Basically, it was a snipers and shotties match, and when you kill someone, the kill and any medals you get now pop up directly above the minimap in the bottom left. Pretty hard to tell anything else, the level was the snow level. Score screen (Mid-game) is almost exactly the same.

Halo had multiplayer?

Yeah… All iterations of them had Multiplayer…