Halo 3 Crew

Cast your mind back to those halcyon days in late 2007. They were simpler, more innocent times. Times when QT3ers would gather in their tens and compete in online multiplayer space marine based shooters. Good times.

Today, we are fractured. I look across my friends list and I see a worrying diversity. Civilizations jostle for position with Rock Bands, and all is chaos. This must change.

I therefore propose to assemble a gang of QT3ers who like the idea of getting together once a week or so to play some Halo 3. How about it, fellows?

Sure, man. I’m trying to take a shot at multiplayer for every 360 game I own that offers it, and so far I haven’t had much luck with the average 13-year-old I turn up on quick matches. Mark me down.

If I can be pulled away from WoW long enough to boot up my xbox, I’m down.

I heard someone say they logged into XBL today and got a month of Gold free, where they didn’t have it before. Has anyone else heard this? If so, I’d love to play Halo 3.

Start up your game of choice on a Friday and post about it a little in advance here, and people might show up if you have a joinable game.

I think organising games will be a tad easier once we get group voicechat later this year. Not all games have a nice lobby system. Gather 4-8 people in a chat, THEN decide on a game…it’ll be nice.

Sounds good.

I’m in, if you don’t mind me pulling the team down. I never played enough Halo 3 multiplayer due to CoD4.

I’m in. I just hope you [homophobic slur]s don’t [ethnic slur] up my stats.

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You guys are gonna be a crew? Are you gonna get tooled up? Go on the lam? Pull a blag?

I’m gonna get you cheesed.

Yeah, don’t see a lot of QT3 accounts with H3 in the tray, but when I do I try to drop some invites. I mainly play Rocket Race but I’m usually down for anything, they have done pretty well keeping the playlists fresh, thankfully keeping the “ALL DLC Required” playlists geared towards MLG/Hardcore style rulesets.

True, I really don’t play Halo 3 much anymore, and mainly it’s because I just never could compete with the folks I usually encountered online. I have some friends whose 13-year-old son can destroy me with no effort. So, I’ll add also that if we’re looking for some kind of higher skill match I’m probably not your huckleberry, but I am certainly up for it if there’s room for n00bz!

I wouldn’t mind playing some Halo. I haven’t played much at all this year, which is distressing.

Send an invite to ARS Zerot when you want to play.

Let’s do this. I haven’t played in a while and they just released some free map right?


I’d be down. but I just got my new PC. You consoletards!

It will take me at least a week to shelve it due to annoyances.

First one:
Hey shit takes for fucknig ever to install these days, who knew? I didnt have many DVD based games on my last one…

Second one: Hey, most gaming laptops can’t use OEM videocard drivers, so I get to hack up my own inf files and muck about with all kind sof shit to get newer drivers! yay!


…maybe I will join you…

Yep, Cold Storage came out on Bungie Day and makes for a really awesome DM map for small Slayer games or 4v4 TDM. They had an “Icy Treats” playlist for 48hrs that included a map variant for an Infection gametype which lowered the lights on the map substantially and made it really moody! We could have some fun with that in a custom game, as it stands now we would all have to acquire the Legendary map pack to enjoy it in an actual playlist on Live. The Heroic pack is free though, and that’s really all you need to play everything aside from the hardcore playlists, which I avoid anyways (MLG, 1v1, etc). They put a Matchmaking Playlist page up a few days ago so you can check to see the available gametypes and DLC requirements without even firing up the game, might be helpful.

This is great. I rather stupidly posted this just before I realized I am going to be out of town next week, but feel free to use this thread to organize something without me. Failing that, I will propose some times for the following week once I return.


This site has all the Ndivia drivers/ini hacked, tested and downloadable for laptops. Far more convenient than doing it yourself.

I’m in.

Is anyone on Live right now and wanting to play?

I’m playing and remembering how much I love Halo.

GT: ARS Zerot