Halo 3 trailer

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It was good and all but was it just me or was the Chielfs animation a bit wonky?

Fantastic music

Rampancy is love.

That told me absolutely nothing, but it was still cool.

Master Chief vs Evil Tornado Saucer Men From Mars! And Cortana is like, evil or something. Not nearly as cool as the Halo 2 trailer, and it told us even less about the game, but pretty cool.

That was just about the nicest in-engine cinematic I’ve ever seen. I want to play.

Read the post on bungie.net about it.

It’s all in the game engine, using game assets, game dialog, etc. It’s basically hacked-together stuff of the current working version of the game. Nice.

I saw this on G4. I wasn’t that impressed. I guess I’m just not a fan of Halo. I liked the first one but the second game sucked. I liked that huge ship, but that was the only thing that I found interesting. For me, just throwing out a teaser like this isn’t going to get me excited about the game, especially when this is put up against the other movies like MGS4, Armored Core 4 intro, and the cool Huxley movie with those giant tanks.

That makse it much cooler.

Preach it. Epic.

The music really is incredible. I especially liked the piano and percussion.

Color me unimpressed. A pretty but contentless clip that tells us nothing about the game. If it didn’t have the name “Halo” attached to it, nobody would care.

You just described all of E3. I guess we can all go home now. Bye.

Heh. You aren’t entirely wrong.

Yes, but it does. Oh, it so does.

I like the grunt road sign.

So the sign in the beginning being pushed around by the wind . . . that was using the game engine? So they modeled wind that can push things around?

I call shennanigans.

I thought exactly the same thing. Bullshit.

Er, why does it have to have virtual wind for that to be in engine? you can just animate a sign flapping, no fake ‘wind’ code requried. If the level it takes place in is windy like that, then the sign may well flap constantly in game, I guess?