Halo 3: Tuesday Night Newbie Co-op

If anyone’s up for some Halo3 co-op tonight, I’m firing up a co-op campaign. I’m a total Halo newbie. I have a 10mb/1mb cable modem, so I should be able to host reasonably well.

So – if you’re inclined, friend up SheepSalad and jump in!

(uh, I’m assuming it’ll let people join co-op campaigns in progress, yes?)

I’ll be on later.

Hmmm… once I’m playing, the Privacy menu says “Privacy (Closed)”; when I select it, it lets me choose between “Open”, “Open to Friends”, and “Invite Only”, then proceeds to ignore whatever I pick.

So, that’s probably only applicable to non-campaign games. Or something. You’d think it would say as much. Three cheers for stupid interfaces!

Anyway, if anyone wants to do some co-op, give me a holler, we’ll figure something out.

I haven’t tried, but my understanding is you have to join from the begining of a level, not just a checkpoint. And you can’t join on the fly, you’ve got to meet up in the lobby and start together.

Roger that, Mr. Friends-list-is-full :)

Yeah, that seems to be the case, in which case they shouldn’t present the other options in the menu. I though that was the sort of detail they were supposed to work out in their PhD psychological test lab?

be warned, i think it resets when you add a player- I am having a super hard time… not a halo player, on legendary. I got my checkpoint back, but it gave me default weapons which were… non applicable to the situation, So I may need to restart the game to get them back, I dunno.

my 10 minutes of multi were fun as hell though.

The overall party system in Halo 2 and 3 is great and the UI screens always look nice, but I almost always find Bungie’s UIs to be pretty horrible in all sorts of small but significant usability areas. Halo 3 didn’t change this trend.

I might be on in a minute, but I’m pretty far in.

Like, Level VI far in, just finished fighting… something big.

Also: Flood suck.

As soon as my copy arrives I’ll be starting up campaign feel free to send an invite / message if you see me on with halo3 running. I love co-op mode games but a question I have is if a skull is found who get’s to unlock it. everyone, host, or finder?

Everyone unlocks it, i believe, and everyone can unlock different skulls before a game starts which then apply to everyone’s experience.


<— Halo newbie

They are findables, which make the game harder, and increase your campaign score at the end of the game if you have campaign scoring.

Otherwise… useless.

Gotcha, thanks.

I googled up a detailed explanation of skulls and campaign scoring from Bungie. It also looks like each mission has a score-based achievement for getting 15k+ points (except missions 6 & 7, which require 50k).

Jesus, I don’t know if I have it in me. Some of those skulls are brutally evil. And the backstabbing seems like a real knife-twister too.

I think the quality of our connection did quite enough to ramp up the challenge yesterday, RepoMan.

Agreed. I don’t remember finding the “Random Drop and Restart from the Frickin’ Start of the Mission” skull. You don’t even get any points for it for fuck’s sake! (quite the opposite!)

Seriously, that got old fast.