Halo 4 is half the game it should be

Title Halo 4 is half the game it should be
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When November 4, 2012

The Mammoth is glorious. This enormous wheeled vehicle is like a cross between a sandcrawler and that RV from Damnation Alley. It's got a big-ass gun on top. Surely new Halo developer 343 Industries knows their Chekhov..

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In before the flood!

I will add, I became very concerned about this game when I heard Jeff Cannata on the Weekend Confirmed podcast saying Master Chief essentially spends the whole game running back and forth, pressing buttons to progress the story...

Edited again!

and again

Oh, Tom, you really are a glutton for punishment, aren't you?

Spot-on review, in my opinion, by the way.

PS - I'd love to read your thoughts about what went down over at Eurogamer this past week.

good PS3 fanboy rant.

LOL editing the comments, how fucking pathetic

Editing comments? Can't handle criticism? PATHETIC

Lmao! Awesome.

Why did Metacritic even consider this a review? Judging from every other critic in the world, it's clearly not a 2/10 game. It at least looks good and has good sound and has plenty of features. That alone merits a 6/10. But the greatest problem here is what you wrote and the problems you felt Halo 4 had. You're like a 7th grader. Dude, your site just lost all its creditability. *EDIT*

Rampancy is indeed an AI thing. One of Bungie's best characters was the rampant AI Durandal, cornerstone of Marathon 2: Durandal. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like Halo 4 does anything nearly as interesting with the concept. Which, if it were still Bungie making these games, I would chalk up to nothing in Halo being nearly as interesting as the Marathon franchise, but I suppose I shouldn't expect people who aren't Bungie to live up to Bungie's prior standards.

this review is ridiculous it does not even deserve to be read

LOL @ the reviewer and this website. Metacritic shouldn't have even considered this.

is this a real review?

We're here!

Unfortunatelyit is.

This person who reviewed it rambles on about the most trivial things. First of all IMHO I never gave 2 shits about scoring in campaign idk why its such a big issue. Second I love how he cries about firefight when Spartan Ops is free and about 50 hours of gameplay. And he complains about the loadouts because of people unlocking weapons better then his, even though you get weapon drops randomly in the game too and there isn't any OP weapons so there is no reason to fucking complain. Oh and I love how he praises Mass Effect 3, remember kids having day one DLC is better than 50 hour free DLC. What a stupid review, this dude knows nothing about the game.

Finally a great review! There is so much hype around Halo 4, WAKE UP PEOPLE, it's the SAME OLD GAME, the same old slow motion bore-fest that gets even more boring every year! Yayyyyyyyy....did I just shoot a pinata?? What a joke this game has become, and the joke is on all those that pre-order the limited edition of Halo BORE!!

Because you played the game right? You know what? nevermind don't buy the game, I don't want idiot sheep who follow any random person and over look credibility in my halo.