Halo 5: Guardians - 343 tries to recover from Halo 4

We’ve got leaked preview screens of the MP beta!

So they’re in a laser tag facility I guess?

Probably some kind of Spartan training facility.

I just hope they do something “more” with Halo 5. Since it’s exclusive to the One and not on the 360, they don’t have to worry about the latter’s processor and memory limitations.

There was a bit of a commotion over leaked footage that showed fast sprinting and Aim Down Sites like CoD.

Actually, is that map a remake? It looks reminiscent of The Pit from Halo 3.

I don’t understand the title - wasn’t Halo 4 a huge hit? It certainly had the best campaign since the first Halo.

It was a sales hit compared to many games, but it had the quickest drop-off in sales and MP players of the previous Halo games.

Here’s a look at the first-year:

Halo 3 after 1 year: Approx 1.1 million peak players.
Halo Reach after 1 year: Approx 900k peak players.
Halo 4 after 1 year: Approx 20k peak players. 20k

Wow, that is hellish. No wonder MLG dropped the franchise like a hot potato.

The MP space is so much more crowded now. Not only do you have the yearly COD iterations sucking off millions off players, but Battlefield as well. And now there’s Destiny, from Bungie itself.

Most of my Halo 4 MP time was spent in Spartan Ops, which, when you think about it, feels like an early prototype of Destiny, even if it was from 343. But Destiny took all the ideas of Spartan Ops and expanded on them considerably.

That’s a huge part of it, but I’m sure 343/MS doesn’t want to lose more ground to all the competition.

Thanks for asking that. I was confused as well. It was my favorite campaign since the first Halo as well.

That’s actually a good explanation. It also goes along with what me and my friends experienced too. We each played the single player this time, and tried a bit of Spartan Ops together, but eventually moved on to other games together.

And nowadays, none of them want to stop playing Destiny or Battlefield 4 in favor of going back to Halo. It makes me sad.

Holy crap - crazy stats. Was it caused by multiplayer being really bad (I know I’m in the minority, clearly, but I liked the story-driven multi campaign of Halo 4, since it was Fem-Shep in Halo – it was the only time I got an xbox gold subscription other than for a few months of ME3 multi), or just a decline in interest compared to CoD and Battlefield and other competitive multi?

The better and more photo-realistic are the graphics, the sillier seems the art style used (like the armor design).

Desslock, a little of both, I think. You can see the huge drop-off after Black Ops 2 launched. Literally half the players left and never came back. After that, it was a pretty quick slide down the charts. I know some Halo fans didn’t like the way 343 handled the MP in Halo 4.

If 343 wants to make MP that lasts more than a few months, they’re going to have to do something different. Same ol’ same ol’ isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I was saying they need to take advantage of the Xbox One to deliver something that can’t be done on multiplatform releases. The new COD is basically a shinier version of the same ol’ COD gameplay because it has to also run on PS3/X360.

Eurogamer preview.

It’s not aim-down-sights, it’s “smart-scope”.

Hovering, clambering up ledges, ground-pound, infinite sprint, sliding, and the ability to thrust-boost and charge into enemies.

They’ve gone full Crysis.

I swear that chirp on kill is from Killzone.

If it walks like a duck…