Halo co-op question

So after I got my 360 and finished Halo 1 recently on Normal difficulty my wife decided she’d like to play through it co-op with me. Cool right? I thought so. We got through the first level pretty quick and got halfway through the 2nd level and had to stop for supper. When I played through solo if I chose Save & Quit I could resume at the last checkpoint the next time I started the game. Well either we did something wrong or we don’t understand how it works because there was no option to Save & Quit when playing co-op and when we went back to the 2nd level (called Halo) we had to start over at the beginning.

If it matters, I’m using my profile with which I beat the game on Normal and she’s using a brand-new profile that has never played any of the campaign solo - just co-op with me.

Are we doing something wrong or do they really expect us to finish each level in one sitting? Is Halo 2 the same?

I don’t think you can save in Co-Op. You just chose your level (they’re all unlocked) and play through it cooperatively.

Yeah, you have to do each level in one sitting in co-op in Halo 1. I’ve no idea about the sequel though.

Yeah, it’s the same in Halo 2. I think it’s because of how they code saves - it’s tied to the account, or something - and so it’d be difficult to do a save in co-op. Either way, once you complete a level, it’ll show up as selectable for you in single-player, but you can’t save in the middle of one. Still, all the checkpoints work properly, so if both of you die in the middle of one, you won’t go that far back. But if you shutdown, yeah, you have to start over again.

Well thanks.

I can’t wait to introduce my wife to the joy that is “The Library” and convince her to finish it in one sitting.

OMFG… Hate that level. Stupidest Level EVER

The Library is horrible, but it IS a bit easier in coop. My wife and I played through the whole thing in coop, multiple times. She LOVED it, though we often skipped the library on subsequent times. In fact, I’ve never played Halo solo…she always begged to play with me (Halo, that is).

I don’t necessarily mind The Library but it does drag on and on. Hard to imagine finishing that in one sitting.