Halo coming back to PC

I personally think Halo had a profound impact on the FPS genre and console multiplayer infrastructure - possibly one of the most defining franchises of its time, but in many ways it was also a ‘you had to be there’ kind of thing.

I mean if you enjoy modern FPS games, there’s few reasons you wouldn’t like Halo. The older games may feel a bit dated or clunky, but the newer ones are modern shooters through and through.

If you like Sci-Fi, it’s a decent enough Sci-Fi romp with an interesting universe. Halo’s 2 & 4 feel a bit truncated as far as plots go. It’s a pretty decent co-op experience if you can find people to play with and MP is pretty good.

ODST is an amazing experiment that I wish they’d spun-off more, but then you only fully appreciate how its different if you’re a Halo fan to start with so.

I don’t think anyone whose never played Halo but decided to buy this MCC when it hits PC would regret the purchase, but it’s entirely possible you won’t ‘get’ the hype around the franchise either. The single most painful thing switching over to PS4 from Xbox 360 was the fact that I wouldn’t get to experience any more Halo games, but tbf I don’t think I’ve been missing out much so far.

They’re apparently going to be sold individually with the MCC itself as a framework. This is probably fine if they want like, $10 a pop. More than that and I call shenanigans.

So excited to play Halo on PC again. I played so much Halo 1 on PC back in the day. I have finished every halo game except 4/5.

I wonder, will this have cross play capability between xbox one and PC for co-op?

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I would definitely give Reach, the first release coming on PC, a shot. It’s my personal favorite of all the Halo games and the last one Bungie did for MS.

I see someone sent them Little Caesar’s Pizza. Someone must really be unhappy about this news.

The first one is still my favorite, but I think Reach, ODST and Halo 4 are tied for second place. I love the space sim portion of Reach. I can’t wait to get to that part again, if I play it.

I remember in Reach there was a fight against a Brute commander that was so hard, but so much fun. I kept dying over and over and over, but it was such a blast I didn’t mind. But I was surprised when it was over because apparently that was almost the end of the game.

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That was from Tim Sweeny.

Hmmm, this is somewhat disappointing.

Those who already own it on console will have to buy it again if they want to access the PC version.

I couldn’t call it unexpected, just because I imagine that would have been part of the announcement if it were to be Play Anywhere. But I do wonder why they decided to go that route.

I imagine because doing a PC version probably is costing lots of resources.

Not too surprising since it’s on Steam. I don’t think any of the Microsoft games on Steam tie into Play Anywhere directly.

Yeah, I definitely wasn’t expecting the Steam version, but I was hoping that I would gain access to the Windows Store version since I own MCC on Xbox. Though, as Rock8man notes the porting work is expensive.

Not a major issue, but seems like a break in the Play Anywhere trend.

Yeah I was thinking the Windows Store game would be Play Anywhere, I’m not looking for miracles.

Does this mean the Windows Store version will not be part of Game Pass? Because that’s a bummer.

I mean, what’s the point of Game Pass and Play Anywhere if first-party titles aren’t in them? They should just be shitcanned, more bullshit Microsoft gaming promises broken.

I think it makes a bit* of sense here, as for new games porting them to Windows from Xbox One (or viceversa) will be easy, but these are old games that have to be ported more extensively? Also, we don’t know if maybe they will include extra graphical bell & whistles for the pc version.

*: only a bit.