Halo coming to Showtime?


We’ll find out if the Walking Dead spin-offs wither and die like this Halo movie!

Hey, if you name the next game Halo: Infinite, haven’t you painted yourself into a corner in terms of what you can name the one after that? Halo: Infinite 2? Halo: Infinite Plus? Halo: Infinite 360? Halo: Infinite Zune?



Clearly the next game will be HALO ONE.


I mean, tell that to Final Fantasy XV.


Dude, I told that to Final Fantasy II. It didn’t listen. It never listens.



Showtime just announced that Pablo Schreiber (Pornstasche in Orange is the New Black, Mad Sweeney in American Gods) will be Master Chief in the new series.


Huh. Well it’s probably hard to find actors who are seven feet tall.


Pablo, noooooooo!