Halo Deluxe rumor

What do you guys think about this rumor of a Halo Deluxe for the Xbox that includes Xbox Live play?

On one hand, Halo for Xbox Live is a major plus for Live users.

On the other hand, having to purchase Halo again to play online on a service you already have to pay for kinda blows.

The X-factor here, if this rumor is true (Prima apparently had a guide for it listed but looks to have taken it down), is how much the game will cost and what else it delivers besides the multiplayer component? I’d like to see some new standalone levels for single-player and this thing priced at no more than $20. It would be nice if Microsoft would let you trade in your original Halo and get a reduced price as well.

Well, if it was multiplayer-only with several new maps, play options, and suport for more than… whatever the current max is for the tunnel, and sold for $50, it’d probably be worth it. Or if they made it multi-only with just a couple new features for, say, $20 or $30, it’d probably be worth it.

Of course, that would be beneficial to the gamer… and thus will not happen.

I think Microsoft is more interested in selling Xboxes than copies of HALO, so if the rumor is true, I wouldn’t expect the price to be more than $30. Or maybe they charge full price but give you a big discount on HALO 2 (which is probably what I’d do).

This rumor has already been thoroughly debunked but it had an entertaining run. Here’s the Gamespot blurb on it.

The Prima guide is apparently just an updated version for the original game.

Ok, thanks. Does the guide have multiplayer tips for the PC version or something? Why would you update an old guide?

I thought it would have been updated for the PC port but what I read indicated it was just an updated version of the Xbox guide. That seems kind of silly, though. I’ll try to find the link where I read that.

It could just be an add-on through Live or a low cost disc.

Unfortunately, Bungie didn’t put in “hooks” to enable Halo to have Live content, so I don’t see the add-on happening. The low cost disc would be more likely.

I still hope something ultra-cool happens tomorrow, though. That’d be quite exciting for Live owners and generate more positive buzz for the service. “Hey look, Joe. This download came out of nowhere! Let’s try it out!”