(Halo) I went back

And yet taking all the challenge out of it. I’d have just backed up the Warthog all the way to one end and rammed the Flood endlessly, GTA style.

I think that was the point of the level design - to showcase that the Flood seems to never stop coming, like water. When playing it on Legendary, that becomes more obvious.

But do you really want to make a thematic point at the cost of gameplay? Vietcong did that with it’s tunnel missions, and they sucked. They were tense, confusing, and frustrating. All you wanted to do was get out. Wonderful job of attempting to provide the tunnelrat experience. Horrible, horrible levels.

Halo 1’s campaign was nothing special, with a handful of stellar setpieces broken up by incredibly repetive crap like the Library.

The Halo 1 campaign was easily the best single player FPS campaign I’ve ever played, and I’ve played them all, going all the way back to Wolf3D. The geometry of The Library was nothing to write home about, but the battles were fantastic. The same goes for every other level (except the levels where the geometry was also fantastic).

All of this, “people who like Halo must have never played an FPS on the PC” is just straight up crap. I’ve had a top of the line PC for going on 10 years now just to play the newest games, and Halo surpassed them all. Still does, for that matter. Halo1 is still better than any PC (shooter) game released yet. We’ll see if that statement is still true in a few days, but it’s true now.

The library has four floors of identical fights, but at least the fights are fun. I personally thought the ‘same two rooms over and over and over again’ bit (closer to the end, I think) to really tiresome.

Hah. It wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t tense, for me. I played it on the PC. Once I got to that level, I played through more than halfway through and then quit out of boredom. Never touched the game again.

IMO Half-Life > Halo.

IMO Half-Life > Halo.[/quote]

I think the NOLF games were better too.

Agreed, at least for single player, Halo 1 is as good as it has ever gotten. Halo 2 is very closer, maybe I’ll think it’s better once I finish on Heroic.

This only holds true for the xbox version of Halo 1. PC Halo 1 looses the immense tactile satisfaction of the controller with vibration. The weapons on the PC just did not feel as good.

Playing an FPS on a gamepad is like playing it on the PC, but with broken hands.

Thanks for posting a big fucking Halo 2 spoiler with no warning in a Halo 1 thread, asshole. I had no idea The Flood were making a return appearance in the sequel.

And this is especially ironic coming from you, who complained bitterly about Halo 2 spoilers in this thread: http://www.quartertothree.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=14873

The Flood also appear in the intro of the game.

I have to agree that the Library is my favorite part of Halo I.
It is the only save game I revisit, fairly often.

I’m playing through the whole game again on legendary or whatever it is called. Forking hard.


Sorry about the spoiler, good call.

I’ll be more careful, even if the Flood were in the intro. :oops:

(In retrospect the spoilage i talked about in the thread you referenced was actually obvious pretty early on, and wouldn’t have been a surprise.)

Legendary difficulty changes everything.

  • Alan

How so? When you up the dififculty level in most shooters, the enemies get god-like aim or titanium hides that take twice the ammo to chew through. How does Halo do it? I only played on the wimpy “Normal” level, myself. :)

MORE infinitely respawning enemies whose AI consists of “run at player”.

Dave, I liked the Library as well. It was a nice change of pace and kept me at the edge of my seat through the entire thing. Maybe a tad too long, but overall, fun.

Ned, that’s pretty much it - AFAIK the differences are:

Enemies fire much faster and more accurately
Some conditions (time limits etc) become harder
Fewer health and ammo pickups
Enemies do more damage and take more

However, because Halo’s gameplay is so (IMO) rock solid, even with the changes it still feels like it’s fair. That is, you feel like if you were only good enough you could kick their septic xenomorphic asses and take filthy, multisyllabic and strangely accented names.

Also, if you managed to finish it on legendary you get a different movie at the end.

I’m doing Halo 2 on Heroic and it’s exactly right, while on Normal I was breezing through. The thought of Legendary gives me cold shivers.

As it should. Legendary was always a fight and suvive by the skin of your teeth adventure. The enemey would attack slightly differently every time, and try to purposely sap your clips.

I’m having some sort of weird mouse lag with H1 (PC). It’ll be sluggish to shift at first, and then whip way too far. I tried Painkiller right after it to make sure it just wasn’t me being rusty from too many MMOs (heh), and it was fine…

Sound familiar to anyone, any quick fixes out there, or an .ini tweak? It reminds me of that mouselag issue in Deus Ex 2 (Xbox -> PC version), vaguely…