Halo Infinite - What is it?

I’m very intrigued. The animal animations look awkward, so they’re obviously not the focus. But the clear implication from the trailer and then the name is that this might be a large open-world Halo? Perhaps giving us access to a large part of the ringed Halo environment?

Of course, maybe I’m setting myself up for disappointment. Maybe Infinite just means that it’s a Destiny-like multiplayer game. Of course, even that doesn’t sound too bad to me. I enjoyed Destiny, and fighting between Covenant, Marines, Flood, Brutes, Laser robot factions were always made for more interesting interplay than the factions in Destiny.

I’m going to guess it’s a HALO survival/building game. Spawn into a ring with 100 or so other players and cooperate/compete for resources.

Halo Battle Royale! With cheese!

Remember back in 2016 or so when Destiny 1 was that era’s Battle Royale and looked like it might be the future of shooters? And other companies like EA with Anthem cloned it? This is Microsoft’s shot at that.

Thing is, building an online multiplayer game with shared environments and complex systems like Destiny is a ton of work. So it takes a couple years, and sometimes schedules fall behind. Compare that to cloning PUBG which might take a long afternoon.

Based on what?

Yesterday was mostly an engine announcement, if anything.

Here’s what had been said pre-presentation:


The team also heard feedback loud and clear on the amount of time spent playing as the Master Chief in Halo 5. In Halo Infinite, the game will focus on the Master Chief and continue his saga after the events of Halo 5.

It does sound like it is Halo 6 in all but name. Maybe they feel the numbering is becoming too unwieldy, just as Doom 2(2) became Doom: Eternal.

Oh it was a complete guess pulled out of my ass based on the name alone. Sorry, did not mean to imply I had any inside info.

What do you imagine an open-world Halo would be that isn’t Destiny-like? They’re clearly not going to do Red Dead Halo.

Red Dead Halo is a good way to put what I was picturing initially, yes.

The original Halo demos at Macworld definitely seemed very open worldish, and this appears to hearken back to that. Digital Foundry posted a tech analysis and speculates this will be a next gen title, possibly running on the One X as well, but cutting out the original and S versions.

Bummed there was no gameplay footage, but I thought that was a good trailer. So I guess Zeta Halo is broken, and judging by the new artwork they put out, it looks like the Chief is going to have some role in fixing it. Also, clearly the war with Cortana has been going on for a while now.

If that trailer was representative of what the real-time, in-engine cutscenes will look like, this is gonna be a gorgeous game too.

And 343i confirmed that the pelican pilot guy is going to be a fleshed out character in the game

It’s kind of funny how frequently Master Chief finds himself just floating in space. He’s like that bounty hunter in Firefly: “well, here I am again.”

Also I’m pretty confused because I never beat Halo 5, I don’t know why the good guys lost or what they lost or why that busted Halo is bad news. Guess I should get on that.

Well of course he is. Absent Cortana, what’s a Halo game without a voice in your head giving you objectives?

Halo 5 won’t give you any insight as to the busted Halo. People only know it’s Zeta Halo from deconstructing every molecule of the E3 teaser video from last year. The bit at the end is probably him in the control room of it.

As for the general situation they are in, Halo 5’s ending would help a bit with that. No idea why Chief is in space, but years have clearly passed since the end of Halo 5.

The Halo 5 campaign is not great. It’s a slog of typical Halo lore gobbledygook with repeated boss fights. Plus, the ending doesn’t lead straight into whatever story bit they showed off yesterday. Just watch some videos or read the wiki.

There’s probably some books I should read too. Halo always seems to involve lots of homework.

Man, I wish my phone’s battery recharged as fast as Master Chief’s entire suit.

I found 5 far lighter on the lore than 4, which was extremely dense with stuff about the Forerunners, and ancient humans, and so on. But you’re 100% right that Halo 5’s story is mostly garbage - so garbage, it led to this “spiritual reboot”.

Never played a Halo. Is Master Chief just the suit, or a person inside the suit? The trailer didn’t make sense to me.