Halo Infinite - What is it?

Tenrai event started:

The new event’s Fiesta mode is great, but good God what I did not want is another track of challenges that interfere with the regular progress. To add insult to injury, there’s an explicit cap on the amount of progress you can make on this track during the week because the event will be repeated five more times over the next few months and 343 doesn’t want anyone running through it too quickly.

I can’t imagine playing this game for the cosmetic unlocks. It would be maddening.

It’s a good time if you leave all that by the roadside though. I tried the new mode and the random weapon stuff was good. I need to figure out how they all work though. lol!

Apparently all the cosmetic unlocks in the store are unavailable as unlocks in-game. And the store cosmetics are $1,000+ in total.

Pretty sure that number was from the datamined list of stuff they have in the hopper to put in the store over time, if you bought all of it. They said cosmetics would be single-source, so I’m not surprised they can only be gotten that way.

I don’t care about the store - I’m fine with it existing, though I think some of the prices are ridiculous (granted I don’t know how they line up with other F2P games). The problem is simply that the rest of the game is too grindy and stingy with cosmetics.

I’ll be interested to see what 343’s reaction is, and what they do. There’s no chance they ignore the criticism, because it’s omnipresent and even being picked up by media. If I were them I’d blow it all up - move a bunch of the basic armor pieces to the default game, beef up the season pass with some of the stuff they planned to sell, and salt the rest in via events unlocks etc. Refund cosmetic purchases except the HCS ones and the battle pass, acknowledge that people clearly aren’t happy and you got it wrong, and that the store will be given a rethink and brought back at a later date alongside the new progression system. There is precedent for this - they did something similar with Sea of Thieves.

Loses you a bunch of money in the short term, but probably immediately buys you a ton of positive sentiment. If they think the game itself has legs (and I certainly do), it’ll be worth it in the long run. They supposedly want this to be a “platform” for 10 years, after all.

Dear god, the Covenant Pulse Carbine is absolute garbage in multiplayer. Its projectiles are slow as hell, and if by some fortune you actually land a lot of hits on the target, you can’t take them down.

By then, the target has killed you with any one of a dozen better weapons in the game.

Where the hell was the testing on this?

Unfortunately, in Fiesta you have no control over what you spawn with.

Hahaha. Amazing.

Yeah, the challenge-based progression is pure bullshit.

Get 10 kills with a battle rifle? It’s tough enough to even find a battle rifle at times in BTB, and you don’t live long after you get it. Fiesta? You randomly spawn with two weapons every time.

The only challenge I’m getting per match is the paltry daily participation challenge, and I take it that was a concession because previously it was only awarded once per day, hence the name.

The RPS reviewer is correct: it’s gun homework bullshit.

I enjoy the game. I am also very bad. I’ve played about 15 games and am still level 1

Imagine a Halo movie with MCU-level FX

Here’s the full-length:

Has anyone else encountered an issue in Big Team Battle where if someone has a mic and starts to talk, the game stutters like hell? It’s even worse if multiple people are talking. It’s seriously unplayable.

This is on an XSX with a rock-solid cable connection.

I’ve only been in a game one time that I heard anyone on a mic. It was my squad and the other three players were kids. It was mostly surprising because I don’t think they ever cussed or said anything remotely offensive. But to your question, I don’t recall any stuttering or other problems in that game.

I just had one of those epic Fiesta matches where everything is going badly. I keep spawning with crap weapons. My team is like 10 kills behind. And then the gods drop the Scorpion tank in front of me. It was so sick. The other team had been terrorizing us with the Wraith for a couple of minutes. But suddenly they see a Scorpion turn the corner and blast them to bits. Three kills right there. The carnage had just begun! My team ended up winning comfortably, and I got an achievement for my first mythic medal. Awesome KDR. Tons of medals. Instant “bookmark” on my game history.

And then all I get is a token +50 on my season progress. The progress bar filled up a few millimeters. It’s such a demoralizing sight.

Way to kill a buzz, Halo Infinite.

MS blinks

It’s a faster rate of progression, but what I still don’t understand is their resistance to awarding XP for actual normal stuff you do in service of the team. Stuff like defending the objective, taking the objective, assisting, carrying the oddball/flag, etc. They have a wonderful medal system already in the game, but getting one nets zero XP for the player unless they’re part of a challenge. It just feels weird to see how much you did during a match and then see the payout have little relation to that performance.

Say what you will about Battlefield 2042’s launch, but their progression system is clean, intuitive, and rewarding. You gain XP with kills, assists, and any other activities that you’d normally do. You get XP bonuses for ribbons. You unlock bits and bobs for guns via kills. At the end of a BF2042 match I know exactly why I got what I did and it all helped my team in some small way.

Yep. Be mad all you want at bugs in BF2042 or map design decisions, etc., but the progression is excellently designed, as it has been in most BF games. You always gain something potentially important to your gun build or your inventory by playing every match. Call of Duty games are the same. Beyond leveling weapons for all the attachments, and unlocking new guns with challenges, I have so many Calling Cards, Gun Charms, and Emblems I’ll never really see them all. All cosmetic, and some harder to obtain than others. It’s not a big deal, but it’s fun.

Also, @Woolen_Horde, Bungie has nothing to do with this game anymore.

This seems like a weird way to characterize this, no? 343 has been saying since release a couple weeks ago that they’re planning to modify progression systems and such. They started with some minor tweaks in the first week, took the Thanksgiving holidays off, looked at the data after the holiday, made more tweaks, and say they have a lot bigger changes in the works that will take more time.

Ostensibly a new trailer, though a lot of it we’ve seen before: