Halo Legends -- MS Does an Animatrix

So, didn’t find a Halo Legends thread, and this did come out on Tuesday. Anybody else pick it up? I’m about halfway through, so early thoughts.

The Origins I and II are well done, but they couldn’t get Jen Taylor back for Cortana? Seriously?

The Duel is perplexing. I’m still trying to figure out where it fits in the chronology of things. I do like the water color Photoshop effect they put on it, though.

Homecoming was okay. Basically the story of the Spartan II children.

Odd Man Out is just weird and farcical. Funny at first, but then it feels like total fluff.

Two years too late?

Until Halo 4 comes out, Halo is dead to 95% of gamers.

ODST sold around two million in September, the franchise is far from dead.

And reach is the sex.

Halo Wars also sold well, and I’m sure Halo Reach will be one of the top sellers this Fall. Microsoft is very actively trying to keep Halo awareness at a constant level.