Halo Multiplayer = shit

Halo multiplayer is shit for one reason.


Voting? Hah!
Autokick? Hah!

Its bullshit. WTF was Gearbox thinking. Enough Halo, back to BF1942.

Halo multiplayer is shit for one reason.

I would like to offer up another one:

You see that Banshee? It is a flying machine. It belongs IN THE FREAKING AIR! STOP USING IT AS A DODGEM CAR! They are really starting to hack me off, largely thanks to their invulnerability - it wouldn’t be so bad if they took damage from whacking into hills and things, but they just bounce off happily. Idiots just zip down to tip your Warthog, bash into you constantly, and whack you with ultra-splash damage plasma. They are seriously, seriously annoying when they could have been really cool.

Fortunately most servers have team damage off.

But yeah, I agree. I seem to be the only one who brought this up in a review. (looks like my last dose of humble pie has already been digested :shock: )

I dislike team-based shooters where team damage is off. Yes, you avoid getting killed (mostly–it’s still possible in BF1942, for example, to indirectly kill your teammates), but you encourage 'nade spamming and spray ‘n’ pray tactics that take away from the fun.

Of course, when you can’t discipline the TK’ers it poses a nasty dilemma.

People kill their own teammates? Wtf? Thanks for validating why I don’t play multiplayer shooters. What the hell is the point? I agree with Wombat - taking away friendly fire risk and it seems goofy.

I don’t think team killers are a big problem, but when you get one it can be highly annoying. They should have a way to kick a player.

The griefers & ragers have discovered the total lack of admin powers in Halo, and are a significant problem. The last three times I’ve tried to play I’ve had to quit due to unchecked TKing. I’m stunned there are no admin powers built in. That is such an elementary error - have they never played online? Kick votes aren’t even much help, since those can be abused by griefers working in a small group.

Another fun thing about Valve & Steam. When they converted to Steam, it converted everyone’s WON ID to a Steam ID, which nullified all of the existing ban lists. So, everyone who was banned can now come back. After a few years of running servers, CoFR’s ban list was over 18,000 WON IDs. Now we get to reconstruct that one smacktard at a time. GG Valve!

If I see another multiplayer title or component without admin tools and voicecomm, I’m going to scream.

The point to friendly fire is you want to avoid it. In a game like America’s Army where FF is tracked it’s extremely important as it reflects on your [edit: permanent] skill (and Honor) [score]. Players care about FF and try hard not to get any points in that column. It’s just an added challenge to the other challenges we already face in tactical shooters: survival, kill count, completed objectives, etc.

Unfortunately, not everyone cares about skill and honor and get their kicks by putting bullets in their teammate’s heads. Fortunately, some games deal with it intelligently and it’s a rare thing.

Halo Multiplayer feels like it was designed back in 1998, prior to all the advances in multiplayer. I’m not just talking game types, but interfaces and conventions.

  1. Absolutely no way to deal with TK’ers. That is unforgivable.

  2. A horrible Server Browser in the game. Refresh the list and watch as you try and click on a server you want to join. It’s constantly resorting the list, so unless you wait for all the servers to be pinged, or you actually “STOP” the server search, it’s a pain.

  3. You try and join a full server, it kicks you back to the main menu. So you have to click on Multiplayer>Internet again and then call up a list of servers and deal with Point #2 again. What kind of crap is that? Why not just kick us back to the server listing, for god’s sake?

  4. There’s no color coding of the chat text. So it’s hard to tell who’s talking to who, and it’s all just one big jumble. Other games have color coded and seperated the text. So all the smack talk goes in the general chat window, but all the important team stuff goes in the team chat window.

Oh, there’s more, but those are just the most grevious sins that piss me off right now.

The multiplay can be fun, but what they really need to do is show some Valve-type support and continually evolve it. But I get the feeling that they won’t. Does Microsoft even care?

I agree Woolen Horde.

It would also be great if they would display what weapons are used in kills when the text message displays them.

They also really need to improve the weapon balance.

I was dissapointed in Halo multiplayer, it could be soo much better.

Remember, HALO’s multiplayer was tested at Gearbox by the class of people known as “anyone who would accept lunch as wages for six hours of work”.

Also remember: Gearbox ported 007: Nightfire, and got booted off of Counterstrike: Condition Zero.

I’ve tried other servers – 3 servers yesterday, TKers on all of them. Went and played FH instead. I also just love the scrolly text at the bottom. Want to find the vehicles in the game? You have to wait 10… seconds… for… the… damn… text… to… scroll…

Info button? Hah!

And has anyone even considered how much more fun co-op multiplayer might have been? ;-)

Oh, I know.

But that’s, from all accounts, a big job, where all my current bitches are not, and mainly revolve around interface and server control features.

OK, offbeat question, I’m working on team-based game, which existing game makes you guys the happiest so that when I get to the point of making decisions about TKers, server access, and whatever, I can start by imitating the best???

I’ve encountered a mod (for Wolf ET) that auto-kicks people if they hit 15%+ friendly damage. That one seems to work well. I believe it also locks out their IP address for a certain amount of time depending on the number of offenses.

  • Alan

I’ve encountered a mod (for Wolf ET) that auto-kicks people if they hit 15%+ friendly damage. That one seems to work well. I believe it also locks out their IP address for a certain amount of time depending on the number of offenses.

  • Alan

That reminds me of a counterstrike server I jumped into a while ago. The server was somehow set to autokick for just one teamkill or hostage kill.

I was playing as Terrorist on Italy and once I realized this, it was a fun tactic to have the hostages follow me at the start of the round and then use them as human shields. It was funny (for me anyway) having the attackers just dissapear instead of dying when the started to fight.

As far as TKers go, DeadLode Team Fortress made me the happiest with its “Eye for an Eye” system, and it was just a dinky little QuakeC mod of a mod. The way it worked was that if a teammate attacked you, it immediately made him glow and played a clip of Butthead going “Uhhh huh huh” that could be traced to his position. For about 5 or so seconds, he was then fair game for whichever teammate he attacked. TF wasn’t much of an ultra-realistic, super damage game, but it’d probably still work for one of those if you ratcheted FF down to 50% damage or so.

Funny thing was that it actually worked better when friendly fire was off. Team attackers could only damage armor and not health, but it did a lot to keep their aim honest nonetheless because it turned out that a LOT of people were plenty eager to go to town on you the instant the sound clip played.

I seriously like that idea… Thanks…