HALO screenplay leaked



The few script leak reviews I’ve read on Latino Review (Batman, Bourne Supremacy, etc.) have been fairly accurate, so this has a smidge more cred than the usual “FIRST!” crowd that pollute AIC’s talkback section.

Latino Review’s alleged leak might have some merit this time around, though. Popular rumor and review website Ain’t It Cool News has picked up the review, too, lending some credibility to the details contained within.

Okay, who wants to tell them?

I cant imagine evn the most rabid halo fan would give a crap what the screenplay looks like.

Why does this even need a screenplay? Just throw those special effects together!

Uwe? Is that you?

Uwe? Is that you?[/quote]

Ja! Let’s blow scheise up!

From the Latino Review:

“What are my orders?” Now that is dialogue. That is cool.

I think that was the sound of the Latino Review’s credibility snapping in two.

I’d be more impressed by the leaked screenplay if it didn’t sound just like a play-by-play of some dude watching some other dude play the game.

Then he shoots this guy! Right in the head! Then this other guy comes round the corner, and he shoots him too, in the head! Then two more - right in the motherfucking HEAD bam bam just like that. Then he reloads!

And then there’s this cool action scene where MC says a pithy phrase and blows up an alien!

Then he says “Hail to the King, baby!” :lol:

Then he says “Give me some sugar, Baby!”, then grabs an Elite, kisses them on the lips, and then rips their head off.

Man, that would be so cool.

And then it turns out he’s Book, and the crew of the Serenity shows up.

ROFL. Where does Lando Calrissian fit in?

He lost Serenity to Mal in a card game, duh!

Yes! They’re playing cards and Lando says some cool shit and plays with his cape a little and Masterchief shoots him RIGHT IN THE MOTHERFUCKING FACE!