Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC is not an Epic Store exclusive

Bungie Bungie Bungie

Sorry, I just thought they should be mentioned at least once in a Halo thread about the only good Halo games that have come out so far.

Halo: Reach – the fictional beginnings of Master Chief’s saga

Are they implying everything else is non-fiction?

An excellent question.

Come on someone, impressions?

I would, but I don’t have enough hard drive space on the Xbox or on PC. I’d have to uninstall something big first.

Maybe after I’ve finished Jedi: Fallen Order.

I don’t have impressions but I do come bearing cool info -

Took forever to get in as my hosts file was apparently blocking some Microsoft server needed to sign into Xbox Live. Not the only one with that issue from what I read on the forum. Disabling it let me get to the sign in screen and from there into the game.
Other folks seemed to have other issues with logging in, mostly related to Xbox Live it seemed.

Sound issues, mostly around the guns, though some folks have complaints about static in the voices too.

I was getting a lot of screen tearing under the default graphic settings, another thing I read other folks having issues with. I was so frustrated with the effort to even get the damn thing running that I didn’t bother messing with graphic settings once I got in.

Limited graphic options in the menu. Limited keybinds, and you can’t rebind the chat or voice commo keys for some reason.

Looked like Halo: Reach, and the first couple sections I played through were pretty much as I remembered them. I will see if I can get back in the game here in a bit.
Hate that I used up half my Steam refund period just trying to get in the game.

There were 140k people in game (or trying to get in LOL!) when I logged out. So they sold a few copies. Hope the screwy stuff doesn’t wreck the launch, but they should have had stuff like the sound working properly before release.

I was downloading but now can’t see the screen that was giving me download info. Much as I like gamepass, the new game process is really poor.

Ah. You have to launch it from the start menu, not the Xbox app. Seems ok so far.

Goddamn, Reach is good. It’s so nice to jump back in.

Is it good solo? I’ve only played 1 & 5 and both seemed designed around co-op.

Reach is great as a solo game.

Coolio. I need a good arcadey first person shooter right about now.

Reminder: You don’t need to buy all of MCC on Steam to play Reach. It’s not really clear in the PR, but you can just pay $9.99 for the “DLC” Halo: Reach, and you can download and play it immediately. Buying all of MCC gets you Reach now, and the other titles as they get rolled out.

There has been a ton of confusion I’ve seen online, around whether you need to buy the $40 package to get Reach, or not - I assume because Reach shows up as “DLC” for the MCC.

All I know is my Xbox isn’t letting me play Reach without installing 111gb worth of Halo MCC first. I’m currently looking up a way to avoid that.

Is it crossplay between win10 and steam?

After it’s “Ready to Start” you can go into the options and pick campaigns to install.

It is because MP is through MS servers. You have to sign in on Xbox Live no matter which game store client you’re on to play MP.

I read that earlier in an xbox forum and gave it a shot, but the game kept locking up while trying to sync first before allowing me to interact with anything. So I decided to just let it install. I’m six hours into the install with only 6 hours left to go. Woohoo (screw you, Charter Communications).