Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC is not an Epic Store exclusive

not yet.

Great interview with the designers of the MP maps for Halo 2.

They still haven’t fixed Reach’s sounds.

Seems like Reach’s sound issues will be addressed in the next patch.


Awesome, time to bump the game further up my backlog.

I wish I’d never fired up Reach with those sound issues. I know it’s not the original game’s fault, but I sort of got a “behind the curtain” feel, as if the game was actually an amateurish production once you take out good sound mixing.

OTOH, that’s not really fair. That’s probably true of most triple A games.

So should I be looking forward to this or is this one of the sucky ones?

This one is more controversial. It’s more in the eye of the beholder. I think nearly everyone agreed that Halo 2’s campaign was terrible, but a lot of people really enjoyed the Halo 3 campaign. It definitely had a lot more highlights than Halo 2’s, but overall I personally still didn’t care for it. The story was a mess, it just seemed like one excuse after another why this faction is fighting this faction now, and now you’re working with that faction to fight this other faction, and then you’re working with that last faction to fight the first faction, etc.

Multiplayer Halo 2 was amazing. Multiplayer Halo 3 was interesting, though not as good as Halo 2’s multiplayer.

Still, overall, I think I would want to replay Halo 3’s campaign someday, unlike Halo 2’s. You’d have to hook me up to one of those Malcolm McDowell devices from that movie to force to me to play Halo 2’s campaign again.

Funny, I played Reach and did not much care for it, then H1A and liked it more, then H2A and liked it even more. H2A in fact surprised me with how much I liked it, the visuals, cutscenes, soundtrack, all was fantastic, level design was still copypastey but not as badly as in Halo 1 and I didn’t mind playing as Arbiter, even if I wasn’t particularly thrilled by it.

I am looking forward to H3 and ODST and then H4 when they ship that. So far the MCC has been great on PC and I am glad they are porting it.

So you played Reach with the audio problems? Man, I’m so sorry. That made it so much worse. The audio mix was just painfully terrible.

Glad to hear you liked them all so far. I’ve never played the remaster of Halo 2. I know they improved a lot of things over the original, including doing CG cutscenes that are reportedly amazing. The original Halo 2 had absolutely terrible in-game cutscenes where textures and geometry were constantly popping into the screen while the cutscenes were playing. It was really distracting and painful to watch.

I’m surprised you liked the gameplay in it. Maybe we played it on too high a difficulty. (Legendary). Getting constantly sniped by snipers throughout the campaign, and having to inch one pixel at a time to get the sniper before they got us was what I remember most about the Halo 2 campaign.

I keep saying I’m going to run through the whole Master Chief campaign again but man, that’s an undertaking. Maybe if I crank down the difficulty.

I can’t believe MS is taking this long to fix that audio issue. The game is simply unplayable.

I was thinking the same, but I usually didn’t have much fun on Normal difficulty. I had to play on at least Heroic for the gameplay to be fun, because you’re forced to use melee/grenades, etc. On Normal difficulty you can just shoot everything and get through with no problems. It just starts feeling very rote.

This was in their last update:

So it should be fixed in the July 14th update when Halo 3 comes out.

Dec 3 to July 14. That’s sheer incompetence.

They go into great detail in the last monthly blog update, about what the problem was, and why it was so complicated to fix.

Yeah the audio sucked. But frankly rest of the game wasn’t all that great either anyway, better audio wouldn’t have improved it much for me, I just found the level design to be kinda bland visually and gameplay-wise.

I play all of them on regular, not legendary. I mostly just want to enjoy the story and soundtracks, I dont play these for the challenge.

…what? lol.

As of Halo 3 the Elites are in a full-on civil war with the Brutes (and by extension the rest of the Covenant), due to the events of Halo 2. The Prophets had the Elites’ Council killed by the Brutes, and the Arbiter learned the “Great Journey” was a lie (first from the Gravemind, and later from 343 Guilty Spark). Thus, some of the Elites are now working with humanity to stop the rings from firing - led by the Arbiter.

The only other switch in allegiance I can think of, would be the Flood briefly working with Chief and Arby to stop Truth from firing the halos - but there was nothing convoluted or confusing about that; It was simple self-preservation. Only a human can start or terminate the firing protocols as they are the Reclaimers, thus Gravemind needed Chief to deactivate the halo array. So, the Flood help clear a path, Chief succeeds, and then the Flood immediately turn on them again. Simple.

Game ends with Admiral Hood telling Arby he can’t forgive them for what they did in the war, but thanks him for fighting alongside Master Chief to the end. Elites peacefully leave to go back to their homeworld, with the remaining Covenant now leaderless and in tatters.

Its just hilarious that I played through Halo1-3 back in the day and never understood WTF was going on and quickly just ignored all the convoluted story exposition stuff to get to the shooty bits.