Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC is not an Epic Store exclusive

When you guys say the audio is “broken”, what does that mean? Don’t you hear the guns? does is stutter? is there an echo?

The audio mix is all over the place. Like when the music is playing and there’s dialog, the music is too loud, then there’s sound effects too quiet. Then there’s dialog that’s too loud compared to other things. That type of thing. Normally when you’re watching a movie/tv show/game, you don’t notice any of that when it’s mixed well.

The mix is muddy and distorted.

I seriously forgot how much I loved Halo: CE. I am having a nostalgia blast!

Halo 2 incoming on PC Gamepass…


Out on Tues/Weds in fact…

The worst Halo single player campaign.

For those of you who never played it, get ready for a confusing story and get ready to be sniped a lot. And get ready to just run past whole areas instead of fighting, because it’s allowed and you’re tired of fighting and you’re tired of getting sniped.

What a way to hype me :)

Seems to be out… I think this one was Vista exclusive back in the day :)

I played Halo 2 first. I had missed the original game and didn’t play it until after Halo 3.

Imagine my surprise at the character switch in Halo 2. I was like “Who the eff is this dude?”

Did they fix the audio issues in Reach you were all talking about upthread?

not yet.

Great interview with the designers of the MP maps for Halo 2.

They still haven’t fixed Reach’s sounds.

Seems like Reach’s sound issues will be addressed in the next patch.


Awesome, time to bump the game further up my backlog.

I wish I’d never fired up Reach with those sound issues. I know it’s not the original game’s fault, but I sort of got a “behind the curtain” feel, as if the game was actually an amateurish production once you take out good sound mixing.

OTOH, that’s not really fair. That’s probably true of most triple A games.

So should I be looking forward to this or is this one of the sucky ones?

This one is more controversial. It’s more in the eye of the beholder. I think nearly everyone agreed that Halo 2’s campaign was terrible, but a lot of people really enjoyed the Halo 3 campaign. It definitely had a lot more highlights than Halo 2’s, but overall I personally still didn’t care for it. The story was a mess, it just seemed like one excuse after another why this faction is fighting this faction now, and now you’re working with that faction to fight this other faction, and then you’re working with that last faction to fight the first faction, etc.

Multiplayer Halo 2 was amazing. Multiplayer Halo 3 was interesting, though not as good as Halo 2’s multiplayer.

Still, overall, I think I would want to replay Halo 3’s campaign someday, unlike Halo 2’s. You’d have to hook me up to one of those Malcolm McDowell devices from that movie to force to me to play Halo 2’s campaign again.