Halo toys: Mega Blocks

I picked up one of these magnetic Spartan figures to have something nerdy on my desk at work. Anyone else bought these before?

They seem to be the flimsiest shitty action figures ever. I really would have preferred it if Lego had gotten the license.

Yeah, the Mega-Bloks are terrible. My kids love Halo and Lego, but the Mega-Blok stuff is all very disappointing. Sloppy paint and dye jobs, ill-fitting joints, and very fragile bits.

You forgot the first rule of building blocks.

  1. Never buy anything that isn’t Lego.

Seriously. My son got one of those Costco super packs of MegaBlocks from well meaning Grandparents a couple years back. Terrible. Poor brick quality, poor building instructions and just felt wrong. They have since been put into exile in another part of the house in their own leper colony. They are forbidden from interacting with real, healthy bricks and sit sadly alone and slowly falling apart.

MegaBlocks are fine for a one-year-old. After they develop some hand-eye coordination and stop putting stuff in the mouth, it’s time to move on to LEGO Duplo and then LEGO. MegaBlocks makes a smaller block that works with Duplo but you can spot it a mile away. Thinner plastic, a little bendable, and colors that are slightly off.

Pretty much all the LEGO knock-offs suck. Yeah, the real thing is more expensive but this is a textbook case of “you get what you pay for”. I remember some years back picking up someone’s entire collection for song* and then having to spend a day picking out the imposter bricks for summary execution (i.e., trash).

While you can be sad they don’t have the Halo license, at least they DID eventually pick up the PotC license from them when they got the other Disney properties.


MegaBlocks makes a smaller block that works with Duplo

Regular LEGO works with LEGO Duplo :)

  • A grand. But then I did discover the pile included three (3!) complete monorail sets.

It was this one: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mega-Bloks-Metalons-Green-Spartan/dp/B004NMC83S

My son loves Halo and was huge in LEGO stuff when Mega Bloks first released the Halo themed sets. Over the course of two Christmases/Birthdays he amassed several vehicles including a couple of Warthogs, a Hornet, a Scorpion, a Locust, a Wraith a Banshee, and a Pelican drop ship. Along with these came an army of Spartans and Covenant along with several smaller vehicles, guns, turrets, etc… He spent hours painstakingly building every set, tearing them down, rebuilding and having wars across his bedroom. The toughest by far was the Pelican, which seemed like it had 10,000 pieces (I ended up helping with that one).

I would say that they are certainly inferior to LEGO in many ways. The pieces feel flimsier and often several pieces are so similar that you can easily make a mistake and have to tear down and start over. Instructions are sometimes confusing, especially on the large vehicles, and sometimes the sections you build don’t seem to fit together snugly enough to keep from coming apart again during regular use. That said, all the stuff looked cool once it was built, and my son got quite a bit of use out of them. Not too bad considering the cost versus true LEGO building sets.

Sadly, my son is now “a teen” and has forsaken all things LEGO and “toyish”. His massive Halo MegaBloks and Star Wars LEGO sets have been dumped into large Rubbermaid containers and left to languish in exile in a corner of the basement because they’re not cool enough to inhabit his room anymore. =(

Core Lego is awesome: Star Wars, City, all the classics. But some of the newer sets/genres are disappointing. My son’s into Ninjago, and some of those pieces are very flimsy, esp. the weapons. I’m still finding that the newer sets use far too many moulded pieces; one large piece instead of ten basic blocks for the same effect, but by and large Lego is still one of my guilty pleasures. I love the minifigure grabbags and have spent far too much on them.