By the way, if you know where to get it, don’t bother getting that Halo beta that was “released.” It’s pretty bad, has missing textures/transparencies, and is really, really slow and unoptimized - and is several months old. Just a few more weeks for the game to hit the shelves - the beta isn’t even worth trying out because it’s not indictive (I hope :) of the game at all.

— Alan

eh, I’ll just steal the game off Kazaa :shock:


Im cool :)

I hear cough the poly loss is especially bad for ATI users as opposed to nVidia cards. Plus good BitTorrent sites are hard to come by these days. :)

I “hear” it only actually has 4 or 5 of the singleplayer levels anyway. It was a limited version made for the press a couple of months ago.

I saw some benches the other day:

No mention of “poly loss.”

Yeah, like a plug and chug hardware review is going to include lingering bugs in pre-release games.

Actually by all accounts the game is supposed to run worse on NVIDIA cards b/c of the pixel shader 2.0 issue. At least, as long as you run the high-detail option.

I really, really hope this was watermarked so that the idiot who released it gets nailed to the wall.

I’ve played the press beta (some time ago, don’t know if it’s the same thing that was leaked) and it ran pretty well on a Ti4200. Certainly seemed pretty spiffy. Didn’t have the same oomph to it that the Xbox version had, because, well, I’ve played it on the Xbox and the “wow” factor is gone, but it seemed to be pretty slick.