HaloCE released. Tepid intentions meet with crushing apathy

Newsflash: Gearbox spins their wheels half-assing Halo yet again. Players shrug in indifference when confronted with 170 meg download that doesn’t do anything remotely useful. It’s up on FileShack if anyone wants to bother with it.

Will HaloCE contain the single player maps?
Unfortunately no. As many of you have speculated, the file size of the SP maps is massive. In order to make user created content possible, we had to recreate how Halo’s cache file system works. Doing this requires us to remake and redistribute the map files. So officially, no SP.

This is just flat out ridiculous. The goddamned game itself was on 1 CD. Moreover, we’re living in the age of BitTorrent and demos that exceed 300 megs for a measly 2 levels. Evidently, those dastardly pirates haven’t the slightest moral pangs about downloading multi-CD/DVD games, encouraging more asinine copy protection, but something like redistributing the SP maps that everyone wants is too much of a hassle. Better to just nix things like SP and co-op and focus on supporting the lively multiplayer scene consisting of 3 people and an Angelfire clanpage.

I don’t understand what this even is. Does this just allow people to make more multiplayer levels? Why hasn’t Gearbox been working on a patch that allows Halo to be run at an acceptable framerate instead?

Edit: Just saw something about “faster shaders”. So this is a 170mb patch? Both the description on Fileshack and Jon R’s blurb here are absolutely vague.

As far as I can tell from the description its just a patch with a map editor. Haven’t downloaded it yet probably after work today I’ll try it.

The real meat of it was this whole “Oh, we screwed with the shaders and how Halo caches things and it runs 60% faster now!” deal.

That’s a pretty big deal for me, actually - I loved Halo but its performance was a hog. Not sure it is a 170 meg deal though… why can’t they release the patch separately from the crappy multiplayer content?

How could the same company who wrote this last year now be releasing a patch that makes it 60% faster?

They can’t because that’s basically all there is to the patch, as far as i can tell. There’s no real point in even installing it for those who don’t care about Halo Multiplayer. It’s solely for playing multiplayer content made with the HDK, which from what i’ve heard so far is nothing more than a middleman between Halo and 3DSMax.

What the fuck? The CE only makes the unplayed multiplayer version of a three year old game run acceptably on a modern system?

You noticed the release coincided with the availability of ATI and nVidia’s next generation GPUs. Halo is 60% faster with them!