Ham harder: SDRs, POTA, SOTA, shacks and mobile

Amateur radio seems to be having a moment in 2021 with some cool YouTube channels bringing fresh blood into the hobby. I’m certainly wrapped up in it with an SDR kit, Icom 7300 and Yaesu FT3D. But it’s POTA that has really hooked me. Get a few buddies and go visit local parks or make a road trip to one you’ve always wanted to visit. Anyone else getting into it?

Awesome! AE6IN here. I haven’t done more than emergency preparedness / communication in years, maybe ever. I used to run net control for my local club from my little Yaesu VX-5R. But then the pandemic hit and the guy who owns all the mountain repeaters took over since he links them all to get folks who work from home very remotely.

What is POTA? Destination ham travel sounds like a blast! When he takes me along, my bae and I spend a lot of time in the boonies on big big mountains so we’re definitely in the right spots.

Those are some nice 20m contacts in your log screenshot — I’ve had junk luck on 20m but only tried on Field Day. What kind of antenna is that in the park?

Next steps are to outfit the van for mobile emcomm but trying contesting (DX? QRP?) sounds fun too.

Hey @fire ! I had actually PMed you about using one of your old threads as the official ham thread but never saw a reply. POTA is parks on the air and SOTA is summits on the air. I don’t do summits tho!

Check out https://POTA.app

We are using my $500 expensive TN07 MyGo2 antenna which is a ‘shunt’ build gaining popularity. We also have a buddistick style antenna my Elmer has

Ah, yeah, I remember now, and while I was intending to reply I forgot. I’m glad you started a new thread!

Are you active in any local clubs?

@fire yep! My county club is focused on contesting so I don’t deal with them much outside of lurking on discord. The next county north has a really active general purpose club I really like and I joined them as an active member