Hamas concoures the Gaza strip

Is there some reason every event in the middle east is sourced to a conspiracy? It doesn’t seem to happen anywhere near as much for other places.

Same reason many people honestly believe the Elders of Zion are behind all the ills of the world. It’s more satisfying to believe that a conspiracy is behind your woes than mere incompetence.

Plus, a lot of the actors involved ARE pretty conspiratorial. Israel plays for keeps in the power politics arena (I wouldn’t be surprised if Mossad are setting off some of the bombs in Beirut just to keep Syria on their toes), and Syria believes they should rule Lebanon. And Jordan. And Palestine. And probably Egypt, too.

I’d like to be the one to point out that if there was an attempt here to invent a less French spelling of “conquer,” it failed.

Well, the TorahBibleKoran is the original conspiracy theory, so at least it’s geographically appropriate that they continue the trend.

Also, I bet there’s an explanation somewhere in psychology that humans need to invent rational-seeming explanations for tragedy and misery to stave off despair.

I thought everything that happened in American politics on the conservative side was a huge right wing conspiracy?


Reading the latest AP reports:

“Hamas fighters overran two of the rival Fatah movement’s most important security command centers in the Gaza Strip on Thursday, and witnesses said the victors dragged vanquished gunmen into the street and shot them to death execution-style.”

"A witness, who identified himself only as Amjad, said men were killed as their wives and children watched.

“They are executing them one by one,” Amjad said in a telephone interview, declining to give his full name for fear of reprisals. “They are carrying one of them on their shoulders, putting him on a sand dune, turning him around and shooting.”

"Shaher Hatoum, a nurse at nearby Al Quds hospital, said the facility had no electricity, water or blood, and that wounded were propped up on ward floors. Hundreds of bullets flew through windows, and fighters ignored the hospital’s appeals to hold fire just long enough to have the generator and water pipes fixed, he said.

“We are waiting here for our end,” Hatoum said."


It is a measure of how fucked up the area is that I read that and instead of being sorrowful that (a supposed) God’s children are killing eachother, I read it and say “Fuck yes, keep killing eachother, bitches.”

They needed to have an Altalena-type showdown about 10-15 years ago, and Arafat was too cowardly to do it (or he just didn’t give a damn, since he’d be dead before the civil war started). People have been predicting a fight like this for over a decade.

Abbas has sacked the Hamas government and declared a State of Emergency.

I’m not saying it wouldnt have happaned without Syrian involvement. But the timing implies that it might.
Also - everything IS a conspiracy. Not all are smart conspiracies but at least an attempt.

You also failed, BlueJackalope beat you to it :)

So true.

Hell yes! This is Jewish land! Oh WAH WAH “you kicked us out of our houses in 1948!”. That was what, 50 years ago? Call teh Wahmbulance. Get the hell over it sheesh.

What, this was Indian land once? Not anymore! GO AMERICA!

Yes, because that’s exactly what I said. You savvy person you.

We caused this.

Perhaps Hamas will give up and go home if we blockade Palestine some more. The civil war has certainly been brewing for some time, but it should have been possible to avoid. Bankrupting the government and maintaining general hostility was perhaps not the most stabilising of moves available.

Then again, if the goal was to remove Hamas, democracy and quality of life be damned, this has a reasonable chance of working.

Yeah, Hamas got sick of all the groupthink on Quarter to Three. Take that, Oblivion-lovers!

We’ve got warships sinking vessels trying to get supplies to “Palestine?” How many carriers do we have off the coast of “Palestine?” Are they anywhere near Israel?

I’m serious though, I’m willing to bet there were CIA agents mixed in with the Hamas members goading them into the execution style killings.

In fact, I love the phrase “execution style killing.” Is there some particular reason why a shot to the back of the head is “execution style,” whereas a shot to the heart, for example, wouldn’t be? “Execution style” just seems so grim, I wonder if they had a waiting electric chair and just immediately fried them all, would it still be an “execution style” killing?

I always took “execution style” to mean killing enemies who had already surrendered or been taken prisoner. I don’t think the location of the bullet is really the issue.

I don’t think that is the case though. I usually see it used only when the person is killed by a shot or shots to the back of the head or neck.