Hammerwatch II - Open World Gauntlet-Style RPG

I really enjoyed Heroes of Hammerwatch, with its roguelike Gauntlet approach and the enormously satisfying town building between sessions. It was hard, though, and I think I ultimately only ever saw the end thanks to a more-skilled-than-I co-op partner.

Hammerwatch II sounds like it’s taking a more open-world RPG approach, but with similar Gauntlet-style combat. Could be a lot of fun, especially (as with the previous games) if you can gather up some friends (or forumites?) to play with.

Yeah I am totally on board. Loved the first even though it haaaaaated me.

I played a bit of Hammerwatch a long time ago local multiplayer and enjoyed it a fair bit but never returned to it. Heroes of Hammerwatch evaded me!

“Explore a stunning pixelated world”

That word bothers me more than it should.

I never really played Hammerwatch, though I do own it. The combat-exploration followed by town building progression mechanics in Heroes of Hammerwatch held my (and my gaming group’s) attention for a good while last year, though. So. Damn. Satisfying.

I hope a Heroes of Hammerwatch II is in the offing at some point, too.

Will take a closer look at that, thanks!

This is great news! Our group played a lot of the original Hammerwatch, even though the netcode was frustrating and it was pointlessly hard in parts. Heroes was a perfect Covid socializing game and we unlocked almost everything while chatting. I started out as a weaker played and became the strongest over time, which was satisfying. Making progression open world seems like a natural next step after the way the Heroes expansion let you decide what progress area to push on your next run.

I didn’t like the first one a lot, but this one seems to leave the heavy metaprogression and random dungeons, and it may be better for it.