Hand Of Fate (It's Not Manos - the Game)


How could we have played it already? Didn’t the release date only just get announced a few hours ago?


I got an invite to a pre-release build a couple of weeks ago. It had been months since I signed up for that, so I figured they must have invited quite a few people toward the end and others might have tried it as wel.

I didn’t play a lot, but I liked what I saw. It felt like they iterated on the formula in interesting ways while keeping the basic structure. There were eight adventure decks, I think. I only played the first (intro) and the one after.

I should really go back and play the first. It fascinates me, but as I mentioned, i suck at it.


Hope the sequel has better balance. First game was fun, with a steady difficulty increase until a certain point where it seemed to dramatically spike.


I was in the beta also though I didn’t play a ton. The actual gameplay/combat stuff is not much different.


Out now!


Also on GOG.


I wished it had Dark Souls gameplay style instead this Batman type style… sigh. Replaying the 1st one… You can say what you want about the Souls games, but the fighting was so satisfying and strategic


Well i got about 30 mins in before hitting my first game-breaking bug. Seems to be common one as well looking at the forums. It happens in the second challenge during a fight with the 3 inflicted. When the fight loads either my character or the one of the soldiers will be frozen in place and unable to really move or if they can move their equipment is frozen without them. Once i win the fight the game always crashes to desktop. Submitted a crash report to the devs but it looks like they haven’t been able to fix this particular bug which is not encouraging. I was enjoying the game up until now but its unplayable unless i start over maybe?


Yeah no shit, the last battle is “defeat every single previous boss, and not just one at a time, but three at once, with no extra health unless you get super lucky with the cards early on.”

I hope they avoid this with 2 because I loved hand of fate until that very last battle which was just fucking redonkulous.


So, has anyone picked up Hands of Fate 2 and got any first impressions to share?


It’s the bee’s knees! Lemme show you:



Ah, excellent, off to watch…


still waiting on the xb1 version


Only thing that isn’t an improvement so far is that I feel like they put so many of the rewards on the main challenge that most of the side tokens don’t have any. Almost every one so far just rewards a new event card, oftentimes replacing the old one. I think if they removed one reward from every challenge and sprinkled them into the side events it would feel a lot better.


I liked the first one, so a better game sounds better. However, it looks like it’s less fantasy from what I’ve seen. Everything seems to be human barbarians or soldiers rather than skeletons, rats, or monsters. I know it’s just theme, but it matters to me. Am I wrong in my read that it’s more human based?


So far I’ve met “zombies” too (the game calls them “corrupted” or something like that), some of them covered with glowing stones you have to break, so it’s not all “normal humans”. And I’m still very early in the game, so who knows what else will show up.


Part of the game’s story is that the Empire has been trying to eliminate sources of magic so the frequency of typical fantasy enemies is somewhat reduced especially early game.


There are skeletons as well. Looks like there are ogres too.


Doesn’t Hand of Fate 2 deserve his own thread? It is pretty awesome, easily much better than its predecessor.

Decks are much smaller, so now encounter cards matter much more and “missions” often require more specialized choices. Combat is a bit tighter than it used to be too.

I’ve done 100% percent-of-everything-and-platinumed, but I still want more! If anything, I think they made the game too easy now.


Probably! They just added endless mode to the game.