Hand of Merlin

Whoa, this looks like it could be good! King Arthur fights aliens? A dream to some, a nightmare to others!

Q4 2020. I guess Croteam needs to get Unity of Command released first. In ten minutes.

Does a hand of Merlin beat a hand of Vecna?


A pilgrimage through the multiverse sounds weird enough to be intriguing! I’m curious about the Al-Andalus tie-in. Do we get to see Arthur, Charlemagne, and El Cid join forces?

I think I saw the movie, and Optimus Prime won.

I hope there’s a historian on staff to ensure accuracy!


THAT large?

The Hand of Merlin was the name of the secret government agency in Yahtzee’s book Differently Morphous.

I’m slightly dissapointed it’s not related!

Looks like this is billed as a turn-based Rogue Lite. Interesting.

Oh, man, Q4 2020? Yikes. I guess I’ll put this one in my brain vault for now.

Yes, but both get beat by a monkey’s paw.