Handheld Turn-Based

I haven’t played any handheld games since Tactics Ogre, Fire Emblem, and the first Advance Wars, and I’m wondering if there are enough turn-based games for the DS (or the PSP, though that seems less likely) to warrant asking for a handheld system as a present. As this list suggests, I’m looking for turn- based strategy and strategy RPG’s; what are the best ones on the newer handhelds?

Umm, I’d say not yet. There’s a few good turn based strategy games on the DS, but I would say there hasn’t been anything great on the system yet.

The DS version of Advance Wars is by far the prettiest and the most full featured, but is not fundamentally different (or better) than the other games in the series. It is simply more.

Age of Empires DS is almost great, but is bogged down by bugs and a number of cumbersome design and interface choices.

I could not make it through the first thirty minutes of the Battles of Prince of Persia. There may a commendable game there, but the presentation and the interface were simply too rough to compete for my gaming time.

On a broader search (with not specifically turn based strategy games in mind), Dragon Quest: Rocket Slime and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon are both easy recommendations. Rocket Slime is one of the most unique games I’ve played; it’s all about collecting ammo (and crew!) to wage bizarre war in these silly giant battle tanks. It’s well-written, hilarious, and you kinda-sorta feel like there’s some strategy in the tank battles.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a decent rogue-like themed with Pokemon character. In a bizarre design decision, most of the game’s interesting functionality is only revealed after completing the 15+ hour campaign mode.


there’s yggdra union, fire emblem 2 for gba, onimusha tactics.

psp has an advance wars clone and uh…i think nipponichi is releasing a game for psp.

There is. I happen to really like this one a lot, but you’re correct in saying it has some interface…quirks that present more of a struggle initially than should be necessary.

The PSP has Generations of Chaos, which is supposed to be pretty decent, and it’s getting D&D Tactics, which is a nifty little take on the same kind of gameplay as the old AD&D gold-box games.

On the DS, there’s Advance Wars, as was mentioned, but there isn’t much right now. The only real reason to get a DS would be to slap Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in the GBA slot, although that’s a pretty good reason.


I like Metal Gear Ac¡d.

I would only add an additional question: any turn based strategy games out there for pocket pcs that anyone would recommend?


For the GBA

Super Robot Taisen: The original Generation

I like it a lot.

There’s a sequel to that out now. I was thinking of picking it up.

The DS plays all those GBA games, and quite well. I recommend it for that alone. Then, when more TBS games come out for the DS, you will be able to get them too. Plus, you can get RPGs and such, like FF3, and cool platformers like Kirby’s Canvas.